Amendment 144 - Laws Changing Form of Government of Colbert County or Municipalities Therein or Changing Term of Office, Compensation, Allowances, etc., of Officers Thereof. Section 232 - Foreign corporations doing business in state. 238. Amendment 246 - Refunding of Securities by Certain Municipalities in Marion County. Amendment 440 - Operation of Bingo Games in Mobile County. Amendment 382 - Additional Special District School Tax. Amendment 116 - State Works of Internal Improvement Along Navigable Waterways and Indebtedness Therefor. Amendment 525 - Ratification of Public School Taxes. Amendment 721 - Extension of Special Ad Valorem Tax for Public Library Purposes in Chambers County. Amendment 583 - Collection and Levying of Fees for Fire Protection Services in Calhoun County. Amendment 396 - Payment by State of Expenses Incurred by Alabama Housing Finance Authority. Section 88 - Counties to provide for maintenance of the poor. court opinions. Amendment 410 - Indebtedness to Improve Roads and Bridges in Washington County. Amendment 174 - Special Property Tax for Acquiring, etc., Vocational Trade School and for Rural and Industrial Development in Jackson County. Amendment 715 - Organization and Promotion of Sheep and Goat Industry. Section 211 - Property taxes to be assessed in exact proportion to value of property. Section 139 - Vesting of judicial power; minimum standards for establishment of courts of general jurisdiction in counties. 201. Section 58 - Adjournment or change of place of sitting by one house without consent of other house. Section 248 - Banking laws to be general; specie basis; authority of banks to issue bills to circulate as money. Amendment 503 - Pike County Government Modernization. Amendment 658 - Phase-out of Supernumerary Programs in Winston County; Participation in Employees' Retirement System. Amendment 417 - Abolition of Office of Constable in Fayette County. Amendment 23 - Repeal of Section 219; Inheritance and Estate Taxes. Amendment 487 - Compensation of Wilcox County Probate Judge. 649. 18. Amendment 306 - Costs and Charges of Courts, and Compensation of Sheriff, in Bibb County. 2 of Randolph County. Section 177 - Age and citizenship qualifications of electors. Amendment 661 - Costs and Charges of Courts in Autauga County. Amendment 452 - Amendment of Amendment No. Section 242 - When railroads and canals deemed public highways; railroad and canal companies; common carriers; rights of railroad companies generally. Amendment 606 - Election of Board of Education of City of Bessemer. Amendment 536 - Distribution of Oil and Gas Revenues by Escambia County Commission. Amendment 28 - Costs, Fees, Salaries, etc., of Certain Officers in Mobile County. Amendment 540 - Fees, Commissions, Allowances and Salaries of Macon County Officers. Amendment 34 - Tax for Malaria Control in Limestone County. Section 41 - Removal of courthouse or county site. Amendment 220 - Promotion of Industrial, Commercial and Agricultural Development in City of Bayou La Batre. Amendment 353 - Costs and Charges of Courts, and Compensation of County Officials, of Butler County. Section 51 - Election of president pro tem. Amendment 314 - Amendment of Amendment No. Section 75 - Change of venue in civil and criminal cases. Amendment 698 - Phase-out of Supernumerary Programs in Perry County; Participation in Employees' Retirement System. Section 162 - Judges of courts of record not to practice law. Amendment 111 - Amendment of Sections 137, 139, 256, 258, 259, 260, 269, 270. Amendment 509 - English as Official Language of State. Amendment 199 - Special Tax and Bond Issue for Public Buildings in Washington County. Section 207 - Laborers' liens and mechanics' liens not barred by sections 204 and 205. Section 217 - Property of private corporations, associations and individuals to be taxed at same rate; exception as to religious, educational and charitable property. Amendment 582 - Approval of Legislature for Court Orders Requiring Disbursement of State Funds. Amendment 133 - License, Excise, etc., Taxes on Wages or Salaries by Municipal Corporations in Walker County. Amendment 114 - Bond Issue to Assist in Construction and Equipment of Hospitals, etc. Amendment 187 - Bond Issue for Construction and Equipment of Courthouse and Jail in Geneva County. Section 138 - Election and term of office of sheriffs; sheriff not eligible to succeed self; impeachment of sheriff; effect of impeachment of sheriff. 192, A.& I.G.O). Section 25 - Right to peaceably assemble and petition for redress of grievances, etc. Section 36 - Construction of Declaration of Rights. Alabama geology and topography map courtesy of USGS: A Tapestry of Time and Terrain. Amendment 67 - Special School Tax in Etowah County. Amendment 412 - Costs and Charges of Courts in Calhoun County and Method of Disbursement Thereof.


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