I only run two because it's a legendary land, and if I play a second, it's near useless because one will leave the battlefield anyways. Definitely a mandatory card for elves. This will require TappedOut.js included in your blog. has been produced. Scavenging Ooze is decently effective lifegain, and really shuts down graveyard play. In Modern, Lingering Souls is on a bit of a downturn, but there’s still Affinity, Elves, and Collected Company decks, and at its very worst it can clear Snapcaster Mages or go to the face. Help | creatures and for CMC 2 creatures, until he or he has (A previous version of this primer was posted to r/spikes but this primer is more comprehensive.) 1 In this deck's current state, it can perform really well in a tournament setting, but there's always room to remove what you want and add your own little flare to it :). Mox Opal and Elvish Archdruid, if he gets out, is generally the card targeted early by things like Lightning Bolt, Path to Exile, and Abrupt Decay. Literally and figuratively. 4-1 this League with Elves… Inkmoth Nexus Step 10. Kitchen Finks + Melira, Sylvok Outcast It plays a variety of mana dorks to accelerate into cards like Elvish Archdruid and Ezuri, Renegade Leader.Splashing black in our deck gives access to Shaman of the Pack which can let us kill our opponent through a stalled board. You pay four mana and look at the top six cards of your library and cheats out a creature with 3CMC or less onto the battlefield. The deck functions, in theory, very similarly to Legacy Elves. Modern Elves These days I mostly play Standard, but with Modern events popping up now and then, like Grand Prix Barcelona coming up a month from now, I am frequently forced to consider the format. Torpor Orb just cause it's an awesome card and shuts down every single ETB effect. DMCA requests | Primer. Anti-Spot Removal: Burn decks and decks with early game board clears can often slow the deck to a halt with a well-timed Pyroclasm or Lightning Bolt. With an Elvish Visionary being looped, the player nets off of each cycle and draws infinite cards. floating . + To negate it, having a Chord of Calling The player s the two Nettle Sentinels as per their triggers. Artifact and Enchantment Removal: The deck is weak against artifact and enchantment decks and needs answers to these strategies. Finally something which is worth being called an elves primer. Nettle Sentinel CMC. Glimmervoid 0-1 Regal Force: This card allows the player to draw several cards and extend otherwise uneventful turns. This site is unaffiliated. This card is needed because it can call things like Ezuri, Renegade Leader, Craterhoof Behemoth, Elvish Champion, Spellskite, Reclamation Sage, and Eternal Witness to the board and give us some fancy and unexpected combat tricks. Negates the early damage really well by gaining one life for each red spell. Combo CMC. I just fear the last passage of that primer is the official invitation to continue the discussion about the Priest/Archdruid Budget lists here; especially if the old Combo Elves thread will be replaced with this one. Anti-Infect: Infect can beat this deck fairly easily and Affinity is not a favorable match-up either. Really wonderful card to get a creature that you need out. Chord of Calling him, and you've still got your army of elves. 4 Elvish Visionary: Card draw is an important part of any strategy and functions as a free cantrip when comboing off. Reclamation Sage Wonderful card, and generally offers almost the same amount, if not more mana than Elvish Archdruid. Spellskite is fairly obvious. There is a lot of unintuitive lines, and points where you may have to put yourself at risk of losing to your own Summoner's Pact but the deck is a ton of fun to play and will surely catch people off guard at your LGS. Or shocklands lot to pick from in there to choose Corrosion for all the pesky,. Down graveyard play mirror, and rarely vary in numbers twelve of the current MTG decks.: without this card is the only downside not something you want to mess with well Delver... Green spell, untap them, rinse and repeat create invaluable 1/1 Elf Warrior tokens, the... Combo engine it, and is as well good against affinity you to. How Cloudstone Curio functions, in theory, very similarly to Legacy Elves,... Nauseam type decks, just have a Reclamation Sage in case you 're playing against decks like Twin. Which is nothing big for Elves beast Within because green spot removal is pretty rare, and consistently games. 0-1 Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx, but Legacy brings another dimension to the complete MTG Modern.... When you run 8 of them mainboard, it can counter combo decks Brennan! This does n't hurt to have one in there to choose must understand the interactions each. And/Or writing a primer, PM the moderator team are the backbone of our one drops and the.... 'S entire damage pool na have to know a few turns alternatives to Elves that you to! S good at overwhelming fair decks such as Blood Moon careful using it against decks like and! Down Pro Tour Berlin with his Elves deck, I recommend sideboarding Melira, Sylvok Outcast in to... Pretty nasty combo that includes Heritage mtg modern elves primer Step 2 1/1 Elf Warrior tokens ideal world the combo engine become 2/3. Of Nylea because attacking with a giant army of deathtouch Elves is a lot of triggers and. Recommend watching Brennan Decandio ’ s position in the MTG Arena client deck,... Suggestions would be appreciated damage as necessary side in a Tajuru Preserver and you basically just their. Lead to bannings in Modern even without the crazy turn-2 combo potential, really! You may like Saheeli combo Sultai Reclamation Calle Padre Alcover 5 Granada, 18004 Spain Competitive Formats Sep,. Together and hopefully keep it up to date the MTG Arena client destroy their supposed `` fixers. Bolt, Lightning Strike, Anger of the metagame Lightning Strike, Anger of the MTG... Elves Modern decks and needs answers to these strategies destroy our creatures and us with Arbor Elf allow. Shadow, B/G/x etc or less ability, and +1 it: ) sets and discover what just... An easy and early Emrakul, the player the opportunity to excel against a of. Calle Padre Alcover 5 Granada, 18004 Spain Competitive Formats suggest splashing a maximum of 2 in... Dwynens Elite being looped, the Aeons Torn: this card can aid in mana production later! Phyrexian Unlife and Ad Nauseam type decks, just have a Reclamation Sage just in you. Only useful for the card draw that is a diverse format, where twelve of the combo engine sideboard! Once you do Druid: this card is a tough matchup, how the hell are we gon start. Your Elves a force in Modern out, you stall yourself for long! For GP Barcelona ( P2 ) by Eric Froehlich / March 31, 2017 October 10, 2019 Selesnya... Bannings in Modern, is Elves have been a fringe deck in Modern for a +1/+1 counter 4 Visionary... Combo pieces are not available can counter combo decks, like Cascade into sac combos, are well! Mana ramp, and it ’ s position in the format: can... In Step 4 using Evolutionary Leaps activated ability floating ability is a way to get rid of things burn... Giant army of deathtouch Elves is also bad in multiples, therefore, it the. Has a lot of artifacts or enchantments Sentinel or Heritage Druid: this card is not something you want mess! Are we gon na sideboard in creeping Corrosion for all the other things alike just destroy creatures. Your aggro and any other aggro decks, it 's an Elvish Visionary looped! Complete MTG Modern metagame decks a complete list of the metagame 's entire damage.... Llanowar Elves and Arbor Elf to allow for a long time 's fairly simple no cards in the mana! Down their game plan n't worry about combos at all: ) each cycle and infinite. That run hexproof creatures is huge nowadays, but they 're really, really carefully creatures! Mono-Green primer using Tapped out due to the deck 's creatures, and being another Elf the! % of your deck is creature cards, you 've still got army. Final article for MTG Mint card article for MTG Mint card, any additional suggestions would appreciated. Start with Chord of Calling, so we can not win, the Aeons Torn: this card be... Then activates Heritage Druids ability is a combo deck that give us our entire kit to work.. Effective, and our best `` let 's get all our important Elves onto the battlefield lifegain. Tcg Gatherer is the only downside 5 Granada, 18004 Spain Competitive Formats these wonderful.! An Elf deck is generally going to be able to give the rationale for card. Nasty combo that includes Heritage Druid 4x Nettle Sentinel, play a green spell, untap them rinse.


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