Constructed of durable stainless steel and an … 95 With the perfect set up, over 35+ years of commercial kitchen equipment experience behind the design, it makes breading a breeze. Preparing fresh chicken for frying was never simpler and quicker than with a Giles Breading and Batter Station. Cook's Choice Original Better Breader Batter Bowl- All-in-One Mess Free Breading Station Tray for at Home or On-the-Go 4.5 out of 5 stars 1,851 $15.95 $ 15 . Breading and Breading Systems. 7 steps to perfectly breaded chicken! A. Designed by one of the most successful BWB fried chicken franchises in the United States – Champs Chicken – if you are a professional then you need what the pros use!. But what they might not realize is how much labor they are wasting by hand sifting the breading mixture, or how much money is being wasted if sifting isn’t happening at all. 7 steps to perfectly breaded chicken! B. Dip, bread, sift and stack all in a small, portable footprint (HB-121) DISCOVER. If you are serious about the quality and consistency of your products, this is a must. Over 15 different breadings and seasonings available. This unique food preparation system consolidates everything needed to prepare fresh foods into a single portable unit. Breading Stations Operators know that freshly breaded fried chicken is also the best-tasting fried chicken.


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