And what I should have done… You see, it’s very, very difficult to be awake enough to do these things properly. So the idea that, well, you can try someone on for size and see how it works, and then you’re gonna see if you’re compatible. American women are ahead.

And…. And maybe it’s dangerous, emotionally and personally, and maybe it’s dangerous socially and psychologically. Christina: They’re gonna get their own little monsters.

And there’ll be video of the podcast as well, and we will let you know where to find that, when it’s ready. were experts on the hot topics of the moment. And I said, “Don’t worry, it stops.”. And you know, and we’re not very good at thinking these things through consciously.

There were lots of the boys in grade three were in love with her. Like, my wife. Danielle: But this is great. And I thought, like, women have kind of these scenarios, and you know…I don’t know, unicorns? Who is that guy? But, whatever. It is. Her and Camille Paglia both. An animus is exactly the right word. You like cats, what’s with that? I mean, the town I grew up in was only 50 years old, you know, and the particular part of the world that I grew up in was really the last settled part of the North American prairie. It’s absurd. And you think, well…and there’s an interesting thing that’s happening, because, you know, the people on the right would say, well, that’s easy, it’s like, don’t sleep around, and get married, and have sex with your marital partner, and that’ll solve the problem.

Hopefully they’ll soon be cursed the some two-year-olds. And this is what people have to ask themselves. Because I went there, and I had to go out of my way to do it. Definitions of “good for society” are part of free speech. But human females are sexually selective.

Jordan: …acerbic twist… Yeah, she did. And there is a chaotic element of that, at least in relationship to men. Christina: We ended up in this room. Jordan: I’ll take 15 seconds to wrap that up, and then stop. Like, it’s hard. He is without question one of the world’s most successful, and brilliant, composers for film, although he continues to write surprising music for the concert hall as well. AEI scholars, fellows, and their guests frequently take positions on policy and other issues.

Okay, and that’s roughly the case.

And so it calls…, Danielle: Well, you’re also suggesting it is gonna be the woman who says, “I find that really offensive.”. But what’s the goal?

Like, you were pretty good. So we’re not natural scientists, we’re natural sociologists. And, you know, that also gave us the sense that the world was a bigger place. And found that the female… Initially, like, male primatologists would look and say, oh, the males are dominant and females are so cooperative. And that has to be negotiated. window.mc4wp = window.mc4wp || { Jordan: Nursing, yeah. Jordan: Well, that’s a good question. And I don’t see how that’s good for you psychologically, or for the people that you’re using interchangeably. And I mean, there’s a great book called “A Billion Wicked Thoughts” that was written by Google engineers, and so it contains great psychology, because Google engineers don’t care about political correctness, and they just write down what they find and they don’t even notice that it’s politically incorrect. And then you told some hilarious stories about when your wife ran a daycare center out of your house. So men, for example, well, men are more likely to compete for socio-economic status, and that’s partly because that drives female mate choice. Jordan: Yeah, I know. Exactly. I wasn't stressed at all and only had one actual test. Jordan: Especially true when there’s status differentiation. What’s it like to be with someone that long? Danielle: Sorry, I wasn’t…I was doing false signals…. Danielle: Well, my mother, when I had my first child, gave me a 1950s copy of Dr. Spock. And hopefully you’re flawed in different ways. I’ve watched people in their relationships, you know, personally for a long time, but also as a professional, because I’ve done a lot of clinical counseling. She actually enjoys it quite a bit, and is a very stable person. He was ready, just, you know, to proceed on a civilized basis. Danielle: Well, you can go to The Bunny Ranch and pay quite a bit for it, anyway. Jordan: Yes, that’s definitely happening. Well, and there’s pornography. It’s like, it’s a real defeat for the developing integrated individual to be subjugated by those catastrophically powerful emergent emotions. We’re not exactly sure what it is that produces, let’s say, chemistry between people, although chemistry is definitely part of what produces it. Yes, of course. When they do, they speak for themselves and not for AEI or its trustees or other scholars or employees. It’s one of the things I actually admire about my wife, when we’ve had our verbal disputes, which, you know, have certainly happened, she can string together a sequence of insults that’s so hair-raising that you have to laugh. I lived in Montreal for a good while, and that was interesting because it was a very, very different culture. Because when I was reading your book, there’s nothing about it that is anti-female… In fact, you do a lot of examination of the Adam and Eve story, and you have this wonderful passage about, like, Adam, being the originally aggrieved man who throws the woman under the bus, you know? Christina: It’s hugely beneficial to an employer.

Christina: Hey, have you ever… I just wanna know the truth. Your email address will not be published. !” and then, “They kind of are…” And they had taken this out of context and shown it like something to deplore. Well, we’re going to… I don’t know how intellectually rigorous we plan to be with you today, because we know that whenever you’re on one of these platforms, you’re talking about your ideas.

And, you know, you try to present yourself to each other in some half-ways, mutually acceptable manner. Christina: Now, you have… In the press, people read that you have a following of young men.

And that’s a huge difference between men and women. Well, not a live…A recording of our podcast, before a live audience. Open debate creates the platform to identify and marginalize irrationality where necessary (w/o having to claim “hate speech” or “I feel unsafe”) while promoting rationality within, pointing to our shared humanity, our shared history, the good and the bad, seeking the true, the good, and the beautiful in our complex world. Christina: No, it’s called the Nordic paradox, and…. She is a contributing editor to the Huffington Post, and has published in the Wall Street Journal, the NY Times, the Washington Post, and the Daily Telegraph. And so it was a new place, and it was a rather raw place. The Jordan Peterson You Don’t Know: The globally bestselling author of The 12 Rules for Life reveals to Christina Hoff Sommers & Danielle Crittenden the secrets of his long marriage, why dating apps suck, how to handle a belligerent toddler, why his feminist critics are wrong, and more in this podcast recorded before a live audience at the American Enterprise Institute. Danielle: So this is gonna be a live recording. Yeah, they’re tough, man. Yes, and what you’re looking for, and this is what the book concentrates on above all, is that you’re looking constantly to find the balance between those two. And then, you know, maybe you’re at a party and you don’t know anybody, and you tell a joke, and everybody looks at you, like…what you said was not only not funny, but also downright offensive. Technically correct, but I have the suspicion you don't know what (social) liberalism means. Jordan: Yeah, they’re very addictive. Okay, start.

And for better and for worse, because truths can be harsh. And maybe you don’t get to have a marriage that works without that compliment. It doesn’t hurt to find the other person very attractive, you know, and that’s a mysterious thing. Like, you know, with any individualized relationship, you take your cue from the person. She said the reality of our species… And in fact, the subtitle of her book is “That woman who never evolved.,” We didn’t evolve for niceness and cooperative, there’s immense competition. This speaks volumes (of idiocy) about that college, not her, really. Christina: I have a son who’ll answer honestly, and it’s infuriating.

And one answer might be the more of it under the more varied circumstances the better, because why not?

Lewis’s Space Trilogy, especially That Hideous Strength. Jordan: Which is, like, basically zero-risk sexual behavior. So by the time the discussion starts to be about abortion, there’s 50 problems that have already emerged that no one has addressed. And part of your job as a parent is to scaffold the part of the child that can regulate and inhibit those powerful underlying systems. Danielle: And then if you’re silent and say, “I don’t answer questions…” she goes, and she…, Jordan: Well, sometimes, you know, she’ll say, you know, “Do you like this?” and I’ll tell her that I don’t.


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