1470) [PDF - 82 KB], Adopt a Financial Plan for 2014-2018 (Bylaw No. 1780) [PDF - 3099 KB], Adopt a Financial Plan for 2019-2023 (Bylaw No. Mural Regulation Bylaw 1163) [PDF - 1320 KB], Adopt a Financial Plan for 2009-2013 (Bylaw No. P 1837) [PDF - 3056 KB], Adopt a Financial Plan for 2020-2024 [PDF - 8356 KB], Board of Variance Bylaw No. 2359, 2004 [PDF - 173 KB], Fire Protective Services Bylaw No. 2787, 2014 [PDF - 18 KB], Development Cost Charges Bylaw No.2840, 2016 [PDF - 36 KB], Downtown Courtenay Revitalization Tax Exemption Bylaw No.2937, 2018 [PDF - 2 MB], Election Procedures and Automated Voting Bylaw No. Village of Anmore Bylaws. Adequate Temperature By-law. Local Area Services Program J 1926, 1996 [PDF - 106 KB], Train Station Heritage Designation Bylaw No. Courtenay City Hall, 830 Cliffe Avenue, Courtenay, B.C. 1628) [PDF - 201 KB], Adopt a Financial Plan for 2017-2021 (Bylaw No. Phone: 250-478-7882, Hours of Operation: Our municipal bylaws are listed below. For copies of bylaws not included here, please contact the City Clerk at 250-638-4721 or email athompson@terrace.ca. 2569, 2009 [PDF - 67 KB], Cemetery Management Amendment Bylaw No. / V9N 2J7 Office hours: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m, Monday to Friday The City of Courtenay respectfully acknowledges that we are within the unceded traditional territory of the K’òmoks First Nation. Pavement Cut  2019-34 [PDF - 3465 KB] Finance: 2020-2024 Five Year Financial Plan Bylaw No. Drug Paraphernalia Bylaw For legal and other purposes, certified copies of the official version may be obtained from the Director of Legislative Services, City of Courtenay, 830 Cliffe Avenue, Courtenay. Is Your Business Ready to Start, Expand, or Move? U BC V9N 2J7. 2020-01 [PDF - 3754 KB] Finance: Blasting Control Bylaw No. E: bylawservices@abbotsford.ca, Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED), Crime Reduction & Community Safety Strategy, Plan For 200K - Parks Recreation and Culture, Plan For 200K - Abbotsford Fire Rescue Service, Plan For 200K - Abbotsford Mission Joint Water, Plan For 200K - Abbotsford Mission Joint Wastwater, 2017 Property Taxes and BC Assessment Property Assessment Notices, Abbotsford Joins Multi-Material BC Program, Correct Information about the Placement of Individuals at the Alpine Inn in Abbotsford by the Province of BC, City Files Notice of Claim - April 17 2018, November 19, 2018: Public Hearing Item Cancelled due to Council Recusal. The City of Prince George provides online versions of bylaws for information and reference purposes only. 1700 [PDF - 2 MB], Water Service Frontage Tax Bylaw No. 1800) [PDF - 223 KB], Soil Removal and Disposition Bylaw (Bylaw No. Official Community Plan Bylaw  Bylaws. 1709, 1993 [PDF - 394 KB], Controlled Substance Property Bylaw No. Policies are a governing framework adopted by City Council to guide City operations to promote transparency, accountability, and responsible government. 1743, 1994 [PDF - 2 MB], Inter-Community Business Licence Bylaw No. Subdivision and Development Servicing Bylaw Schedule C: Standard Detail Drawings 2386, 2004 [PDF - 26 KB], Fill Placement and Soil Removal Bylaw No. 1016) [PDF - 1324 KB], Adopt a Financial Plan for 2007-2011 (Bylaw No. Traffic Calming, 20399 DOUGLAS CRESCENT LANGLEY BC V3A 4B3, IN THE EVENT OF AN AFTER-HOURS EMERGENCY (SUCH AS A WATER MAIN BREAK, FLOOD OR CRITICAL SERVICE DISRUPTION) STANDBY OPERATIONS PERSONNEL CAN BE NOTIFIED THROUGH SURREY FIRE DISPATCH AT 604 534 3496, Community Crime Prevention Strategic Plan, Municipal Ticket Information System Bylaw, Second-Hand Dealers, Junk Dealers and Auto Wreckers Control Bylaw, Subdivision and Development Servicing Bylaw, Pay for Parking Ticket, Business & Dog Licenses, Sign up for Langley City Bulletins & Newsletters. 3003, April 2020 [PDF - 15 KB], Development Cost Charges Amendment Bylaw No. 2182, 2001 [PDF - 38 KB], Storm Sewer By-law No. Site Map 2676, 2011 [PDF - 98 KB], Development Application Procedures Bylaw No. Citizens should consult the original documents available from Legislative Services division. Copyright ©2020 City of Langford. Bylaws support public safety and community harmony and provide the tools to do this and help shape how our community lives. 550) [PDF - 65 KB], Sewer Utility Bylaw No. 2500, 2007 [PDF - 6 MB]. Home / Inside City Hall / Bylaws / List of Bylaws. Bylaws, # A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z, Click here for important 2020 property tax information!Read more >. 2549, 2008 [PDF - 22 KB], Municipal Ticket Information Bylaw No. 1800) [PDF - 223 KB], Speed Limit Bylaw (Bylaw No. Parks and Public Facilities Bylaw  To obtain certified copies of original bylaws or to verify that this is the most up to date copy of the bylaw, please contact Legislative Services at … 2970, 2019 [PDF - 227 KB], Special Events Regulation Bylaw No. Langford, British Columbia, Canada Download a complete list of our fees and charges. 2285, 2003 [PDF - 29 KB], Council Procedure Bylaw No. X Animal Control Bylaw. 2766, 2013 [PDF - 23 KB], Zoning Bylaw No. A - Z Services; Bylaws; Council Meetings; News and Public Notices; Contact(s) Commonly referenced Bylaws are listed below.


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