…Maybe that's still how I come across. Erin Moriarty: Did you two ever worry about their safety? SPECIAL AGENT CAMPION: I see a scar or two there, yeah. What does multiple mean? … That's his fantasy life. … everything I saw indicated they were out of town. Daniel Marsh had decided to take his fate into his own hands. Erin Moriarty spoke to Dr. Logan via Facetime. DANIEL MARSH [on the stand]: I was a really damaged, screwed up, sick kid. Former Special Agent Chris Campion says that even the FBI profilers were stumped, unsure if they were dealing with one killer or more or if the open window was even the point of entry. In September 2018, California Governor Jerry Brown signed a new law – known as S.B. He had saved his father's life. Do you know Chip and his wife?" Erin Moriarty: Did either one of you think that was possible? Well known for his social activism, Northup was a World War II veteran and a prominent attorney. … Clearly this is not a burglary that was interrupted. And then he went to the woman I think, and he wanted to know what an eye looked like. Both Chip and Claudia's families were thrilled when the couple decided to marry in 1996. Oliver suffers from schizophrenia. Deputy D.A. JUDGE MCADAM: The defendant is remanded to state prison to serve the balance of an indeterminate life sentence with a minimum of 52 years. Bill Marsh: Knock, knock, knock on the door, "Hi, I'm so and so, the police. And I called his number, and I called Claudia's number and they both went to voicemail. Victoria Hurd: It wasn't over, Erin. They had so many great neighbors. Special Agent Chris Campion: Absolutely. Erin Moriarty: Oliver … did you know that the police were looking at you and your brother? SPECIAL AGENT CAMPION: With what, the truth? Eventually he became obsessed with something called "gore porn," and a website devoted to it. That's where Daniel lived -- at his mother Sherri's house -- and it's where he was staying on the night of the murders. Deputy D.A. Disclaimer: By using this website, you accept the Spokeo Terms of Use. DANIEL MARSH [on the stand]: It's hard for me to even wrap my mind around how I could've done something that awful. Sarah Rice: To me, he was doing everything in his power to say the things that would help him and his case. Erin Moriarty: To make it look like someone had broken in. Remember Dr. Matthew Soulier, the psychiatrist who Daniel Marsh had threatened to kill? Victoria Hurd: Right. Sarah Rice: I went outside and was like, OK, I need to take a deep breath. Four years after Daniel's conviction, a new California law has thrown his sentence into jeopardy. He was lurking in the streets of Davis at night with a baseball bat intending to beat to death some poor passerby. Alvaro Garibay: He just sat there. Special Agent Chris Campion: And I said I didn't take it personally because I didn't. DANIEL MARSH | TEDx TALKS: I kept allowing myself to be trapped by my emotions and to be disconnected. Daniel Marsh told investigators in his confession video, "It felt amazing.". Special Agent Chris Campion: I remember very vividly one of the neighbors came up and said, "Hey, I don't know if this is relevant or not, but several days after the murder, the guy in that house … moved out." Alvaro Garibay: He, like, brought it up more, but … He was just, like … "I wish that person would die.". DR. MATTHEW LOGAN [on the stand ] Some of the traits are glib superficial charm … pathological lying … lack of responsibility, inability to feel remorse. Erin Moriarty: How soon did you hear that there was no evidence, that this looked like the perfect crime? … How do you call them up and say, "Sorry, you have to come back because there's a chance he may end up being pushed back to juvenile court where he would be potentially released at the age of 25.". There it was -- the opening that investigator Campion had been hoping for. ARIEL PINEDA: Why did it take you until now to speak to us? Amanda Zambor: But when you actually looked at the medical records, he was having these thoughts and fantasies before he was ever on Zoloft. I don't believe that at all. I didn't really think seriously … he'll kill someone. DANIEL MARSH | TEDX TALKS: Hurt people, hurt people…. Erin Moriarty: And how old were the two of you? It was updated on June 15.]. Special Agent Chris Campion is just as traumatized at the idea of Marsh ever being set free. That's because It's not over. DANIEL MARSH: I -- that night I just -- I couldn't take it anymore. Daniel was shortly hospitalized, but, upon release, things got worse. Deputy D.A. Victoria Hurd says Davis was one of California's safest cities when her mother first arrived in 1995 and started attending services at a Unitarian church, hoping to meet her third husband. Do not use this site to make decisions about employment, tenant screening, or any purpose covered by the FCRA. Jeff Reisig: Right. When was that? Through a prison rehabilitation program, Daniel Marsh took center stage in his very own Tedx Talks, declaring that he is reformed, and deserves a second chance. He was previously a member of the Massachusetts House of Representatives, serving in that office from 1997 until 2014 and representing the Thirteenth Suffolk district. As of this date, Claudia is married. DANIEL MARSH: I just know that somebody broke into this old couple's house and stabbed them, killed them. SPECIAL AGENT CAMPION: Dad and mom split when you were pretty young? And Dr. Logan says Marsh's testimony did nothing to convince him otherwise. Even psychiatrist Dr. Matthew Soulier, who was hired by the defense, agreed that Daniel was sane. DANIEL MARSH | TEDx TALKS: I came to realize that there are no such things as evil people in this world. Victoria Hurd: Not for a second, because Chip spent so much time with those boys. For more than three hours, Daniel Marsh insisted he knew nothing about the murders of Claudia Maupin and Chip Northup. But before Judge McAdam would decide if Marsh should be treated like a juvenile and receive a lighter sentence, he asked the prosecution to call an expert on psychopaths: Forensic Psychologist Matthew Logan. I was afraid. Davis Police Lieutenant Paul Doroshov says the killer had experimented with the bodies and had placed a cellphone into Claudia's abdomen and a drinking glass into Chip's stomach. Erin Moriarty: So, help me understand ... this was your best friend. Dr. Matthew Logan: It's generally accepted as the gold standard for, for diagnosing psychopathy. They believe certain things happened that never did. So in about three-and-a-half, four years, he would be out with no supervision. Claudia Walsh in New York. Erin Moriarty: Did he talk about killing? Without a doubt … he actually talked about how he was going to take his next victim. But before a hearing date could even be set, a striking video appeared online. After his conviction, Marsh scored a whopping 35.8 out of 40 on the widely used psychopathy checklist. In the interview room, investigators still hadn't heard Daniel confess to killing Chip and Claudia, and pressed on: SPECIAL AGENT CAMPION: When was the first time you started thinking about killing these people down the street? We’re currently in process of confirming all details such as Claudia Walsh’s height, weight, and other stats. Campion says Daniel Marsh was willing to do anything to feel something -- including starving himself: DANIEL MARSH: All the pain and depression and anger just like -- I internalized it and I directed it towards myself. Daniel says that was when he began to fantasize about killing people. DANIEL MARSH | TEDx TALKS: I felt alone and ashamed and disgusting. So he tried taking it out with a knife but he said it was really hard so he couldn't do it. See below for details. Marsh's fate was now in the hands of family court Judge Samuel McAdam: life in prison or possibly just four more years. Deputy D.A. It was now up to Davis Detective Ariel Pineda and FBI Special Agent Chris Campion to get to the truth. Claudia maintains relationships with many people -- family, friends, associates, & neighbors -- including Jessica Walsh, Mackenzie Walsh, Leonard Modelowitz, Nikki Modelowitz and Sarah Modelowitz. 18.9k Followers, 36 Following, 379 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Papa Walsh (@papawalsh7) Marsh also took the opportunity to raise a shocking new claim: that he was the victim here: DANIEL MARSH | TEDx TALKS: When I was a child, I was sexually abused multiple times by two different people. Sarah Rice: We knew our first and most important thing to do was to get the video taken down. Your email address will not be published. He would tell me that, "I know this woman was involved in my parents' divorce.


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