Night time temperatures as low as 45/50 degrees F  will be tolerated by the cooler growing species, cuthbertsonii for instance; when it is cold avoid over watering, but do not let the dry out totally. In perioada iunie-septembrie florile se ofilesc iar in schimb frunzele incep sa creasca foarte mult (se dezvolta partea vegetativa). Give a low strength, high nitrogen feed in April and May, then feed weekly during maximum growth. 2011 14:10) ... dostala jsem nádherně a bohatě kvetoucí dendr. If a short (three- to four-week), cooler (55 F) dry rest is given, and then plants are warmed again (60 F mininum), another growth may mature during winter and flower in the spring. Přestože byly krásné, tak jsem tak učinila, protože už vyrážely další dva. One to five flowers per node are borne from the nodes of the leafless canes in midwinter through early spring. “Intotdeauna cititi si utilizati produsul (pesticidul) conform recomandarilor  de pe eticheta”, Fig. Australian Dendrobiums . The leaves are narrowly oval with 2 to 4 at the top of each cane. Este recomandat sa utilizam substrat specific pentru orhidee din comert. Udarea trebuie sa se faca cu regularitate, cu cantitati moderate de apa dar se tine cont de faptul ca intre doua udari trebuie lasata o perioada pentru ca substratul sa se usuce putin. 1 Orhideea cu flori parfumate (Dendrobium nobile Apollon), Fig. Je to tak správně nebo jsem je odřezávat neměla? 4 Orhidee – Dendrobium nobile Comet King ‘Akatsuki’, Fig. The easiest New Guinea plants for beginners are Dendrobium oberrans (cool conditions); D. lawesii or D. antennatum (intermediate); and D. atroviolaceorn or D. bigibbum (D. phalaenopsis) (warm).. Dendrobium nobile orchids are fairly resistant to pests, but there are a few to watch out for. Culture Grow warm year round (see below); 60 F nights; water and fertilize heavily when roots appear from new growth; medium light; reduce water and fertilizer after growth finishes. ), unele sunt si placut parfumate. Dendrobium cuprinde specii de orhidee la care frunzele pot fi plate sau cilindrice, unele nu cad si  altele au frunzele cazatoare. lineale (veratrifolium), Den. In functie de specie, acestea au inaltimi, culori ale florilor si cerinte de ingrijire diferite. bigibbum (phalaenopsis), Den. It is important therefore to know where every plant comes from.DENDROBIUM. Then give high light, little or no water, no fertilizer, cool nights (40 to 50 F). Temperatura optima pentru o dezvoltare  armonioasa a Dendrobium pe timpul zilei poate varia intre 20-29°C, iar noaptea  intre 18-22 °C. For their culture give intermediate temperatures and drier conditions than other Dendrobiums. Substratul (pamantul)  trebuie permita o buna aerare si drenare. heterocarpum (aureum), Den. This will guarantee adequate nutrition while avoiding any chance of root-tip. L a différence réside dans le fait que les fleurs ne poussent pas sur une hampe florale mais tout au long de la canne par bouquet de trois fleurons à l'aisselle des feuilles : . Keep barely moist until growth starts again. Group 2 Species such as Den. phalaenopsis) and D. canaliculatum, the former often found growing on rocks, the latter on the trunks of paperbark trees. Dendrobium nobile (Skyr, 26. Water and fertilize when growing; give a slight short rest (dry) when growth is completed. Water sparingly until the new shoots have grown good roots.


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