If you’re dehydrated, start drinking more water immediately. When the body excretes these in urine, they can make the urine smell like popcorn. In many cases, the remains of these compounds can cause changes in the urine. When the body excretes these in urine, they can make the urine smell like popcorn. Aside from strong-smelling urine, additional symptoms of dehydration include: People usually do not need to worry if their urine smells a bit different than usual for a day or two. So, your urine smells like burnt popcorn—why is this happening, and is it bad? The ureter is a tube that carries urine from the kidney to the urinary bladder. Additional signs and symptoms of ketoacidosis include: Ketoacidosis constitutes a medical emergency, so if anyone suspects this condition, they should call the emergency services immediately. Most Popular. The binturong smells like buttery, delicious popcorn because of a chemical in its urine. Why does my carpet smell like urine? Urinary tract infections (UTI) may be most common in women, but they can affect men as well. In particular, people with diabetes and pregnant women should talk with a doctor about any changes in the smell of their urine, especially if it is strong and sweet smelling. Some common foods that may cause your urine to smell like popcorn include: If you’re eating or drinking things that make your urine smell like popcorn, try upping your water intake. What does it mean if my urine smells like popcorn? Some of the most important include the major digestive organs, the intestines. Urine smells like POPCORN? Learn about potential causes and how to treat them. The body will produce ketones when it does not have enough sugar or glucose for fuel. Apparently, it's a chemical in their urine. It can be a short-term phenomenon that appears as a result of some foods, medication or drinks. This is called ketoacidosis, and it is a life-threatening condition that requires immediate medical attention. Eating a well-balanced diet and reducing trigger foods are also essential to preventing the popcorn smell moving forward. Most cases are temporary, but if the smell persists, it is worth seeing a doctor to determine the underlying cause. Here’s what may be causing this, other symptoms to watch for, and when you should see your doctor. Any medical information published on this website is not intended as a substitute for informed medical advice and you should not take any action before consulting with a healthcare professional, Through my eyes: Adjusting to life with a spinal cord injury. A high level of ketones in the urine or blood is called ketosis. Sleep is absolutely crucial for your physical and mental health. large amounts of protein, which is … They’ll be able to do a quick urinalysis test to check for diabetes, pregnancy, or other conditions. Carbs from whole, fiber-rich foods are generally healthy, while added sugars and refined carbs are extremely…. Reducing your blood sugar is essential to controlling the condition. I’d like to learn that trick. If the waste products in urine have a popcorn smell, the urine may also smell like popcorn since it is more concentrated. If you’ve noticed that your urine smells like popcorn, it may just be temporary. In most cases, people with ketoacidosis have sweet, strong-smelling urine. Pee is usually clear or pale yellow, with a mild smell. People with diabetes may have a very high level of ketones in their bloodstream. This article will discuss some of the reasons a person’s urine may smell like popcorn and explain when to see a doctor about changes in urine odor. A bladder infection is a bacterial infection and a type of UTI, which refers to infection in the bladder, kidneys, ureters, or urethra. Having a small number of ketones in the bloodstream is normal, especially for people who exercise a lot or do other activities that encourage the body to burn fat. Ketoacidosis can develop within 24 hours of having consistently high blood glucose levels, or hyperglycemia. It is more frequent in women…, Urine is normally warm because it comes from inside the body, which has a core temperature of 98.6°F. The common causes of a popcorn smell include diabetes, pregnancy, and a diet high in protein. The aroma of popcorn is caused from the presence of two chemicals: glucose (a sugar) and acrylamide (an industrial chemical). Click on the combination that matches your symptoms to find the conditions that may cause these problems. A high level of ketones in the urine or blood is called ketosis. If you’re experiencing other symptoms of diabetes, like tingling hands and feet, blurred vision, or excessive thirst, make an appointment to see your doctor as soon as possible. When the body excretes these in urine, they can make the urine smell like popcorn. However, if they notice that their urine smells sweet like popcorn for several days, they should see a doctor to determine the underlying cause. Here’s our process. Some other treatment options are likewise readily available. This article explains why sleep is so important and how much you should get per night. In most cases, people with ketoacidosis have sweet, strong-smelling urine. Most bladder…. Taking insulin or other diabetes medicines is typically part of treating diabetes Together with healthy food options and physical activity, medication can help you handle the disease. Sometimes, your urine can even take on a popcorn-like scent. So, in summation: There is a shy, cute animal that pees all over itself, and its pee smells like buttered popcorn. Smelly or urine with strong odor may be a sign of something that is not normal, although it is not always a disease. The common causes of a popcorn smell include diabetes, pregnancy, and … It is possible to measure urinary ketones using ketone strips, which are available in drugstores or online. A new study published in The Science of Nature found this bewitching scent is produced by … Is Your Urine Smelling Like Burnt Popcorn. Antibiotics are a common cause of changes in urine smell, but many medications can cause this effect. By Dr. Eric Berg. While…, The pelvic region holds major organs under its layers of muscles. This typically happens after a person has been fasting for 16-20 hours. Common causes of smelly pee. If you know the underlying cause — like a certain food that seemed to trigger it — avoid the cause in the meantime. 0:44 What you can do I recently had a question from someone wondering why their urine smells like burnt popcorn. Urine that smells like popcorn typically isn’t a sign of early pregnancy. But, you’re making a high amount, which is also concentrated. … A high level of ketones in the urine or blood is called ketosis. The only true way to know why your pee smells of buttered popcorn is to ingest 3ml of urine. It means that a person cannot prevent urine from leaking out. Find out. Everyone knows that urine has a distinct odor. When you become dehydrated, the difference between these two components gets smaller, making the concentration of waste chemicals stronger. Another way to cause ketosis is by eating a lot of protein. In some cases, though, consistent or sudden body odor can indicate a chronic problem, like a metabolic condition or a more serious illness like yellow fever and typhoid fever, which can have distinct scents," says Dr. Dietz. The smell of popcorn is one of the most common odors found in humans. Advanced diabetes can sometimes cause strong, sweet-smelling urine. But some foods -- especially asparagus, which has a smelly sulfur compound -- can change the odor. This is due to the sugar and ketones that have accumulated in your urine. Urine consists mainly of water. For some people, it is the first sign that they have diabetes. Better heart health in midlife may lower dementia risk, Male bosses regard employee depression more negatively, Urinary incontinence: What you need to know, hyperventilating or Kussmaul breathing, which is deep, labored breathing. BTW, I also pee in the shower. Riley's actually correct in some sense. So can vitamin B-6 supplements. Foetor hepaticus. You probably will discover some beneficial details in this post, come have a peek! Researchers pinpoint chemical compound that gives rare animal its popcorn-like scent The binturong, or bearcat, is neither a bear nor a cat, but a shy member of the civet family that lives in the rainforests of Southeast Asia. Just like food, medications are a powerful combination of chemical compounds that are designed to cause changes within the body. When a person eats a lot of protein instead of carbohydrates, their body uses protein and stored fat for energy instead of using carbohydrates as it would usually do. Some common foods that may cause your urine to smell like popcorn include: •popcorn (no surprises there!) Certain conditions, however, may cause your urine to have an unusual or unpleasant odor, which may raise concerns about a problem or abnormality. ! But I knew none was around because anyone in my home would (like most humans do) use the toilet to relieve themselves. Smelly pee on its own is not usually a cause for concern. If your symptoms haven’t resolved after three or four days, make an appointment to see your doctor.


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