There was a Hindu temple at this place, on the site of which this mosque was constructed. That is how they were able to put in such herculean labours, to spend their entire life on one subject. The government publication, Centres of Islamic Learning in India, recalls how the founders ‘aimed at producing capable scholars who could project a true image of Islam before the modern world in an effective way’; it recalls how ‘Towards fulfilling its avowed aim in the matter of educational reform, it (the group) decided to establish an ideal educational institution which would not only provide education in religious and temporal sciences but also offer technical training’; it recalls how ‘It (the Nadwa) stands out today-with its college, a vast and rich library and Research and Publication Departments housed in fine buildings-as one of the most outstanding institutions for imparting instruction in the Islamic Sciences’; it recalls how ‘A salient feature of this institution is its emphasis on independent research’; it recalls how ‘The library of the Nadwa, housed in the Central Hall and the surrounding rooms of the main building, is, with more than 75,000 titles including about 3,000 handwritten books mostly in Arabic and also in Persian, Urdu, English etc., one of the finest libraries of the sub-continent.’ That was written 10 years ago.

Topics expose, hindu, muslim, temple, mosque, islam, history, india, bharat Collection opensource ... PDF download. Will we at last learn to speak and face the whole truth? I will use the Urdu version as the illustration. That temple was very tall and (held as) holy among the Hindus. A curious fact hit me in the face. Hideaway Communalism 2. He recounts how the latter collected rare data, how a person like him accomplished single-handed what entire academies are unable these days to do.

He recalls how it lay neglected for long, how, even as the work of re-transcribing a moth-eaten manuscript was going on, a complete manuscript was discovered in Azamgarh, how in 1933 the grace of Providence saved it from destruction and obscurity. Their nature, their culture has made Muslims the writers of true history, he writes. The Tip of An Iceberg 3. Some Historical Questions 4. Barely seventeen pages; the chapter is simply written. Each one of the passages on each one of the seven mosques! In the Name of Religion 5.

When describing the construction of the Quwwatul Islam mosque by Qutubuddin Aibak, for instance, he uses the same ‘It is said.’. It is a beautiful mosque. To see that these ‘leaders’ are not interested in facts, not in religion, not in a building or a site, but in power, in their personal power, and in that alone? He recalls how after completing these books the Maulana turned to subjects which had till then remained obscure, how in these labours the Maulana was like the proverbial bee collecting honey from varied flowers.

↩, Hindu Temples What Happened to Them (Vol 1), This valuable gift, this historical testament', 9. He recounts the wide range of the Maulana’s scholarship. It is a historical book with preliminary Survey details provided in this volume. If the facts were in doubt, would a scholar of Ali Mian’s diligence and commitment not have commented on them in his full-bodied foreward? This mosque stands on an elevated ground inside the Fort of Qanauj. In dealing with its subject, it exercises complete fidelity to truth; unlike secularist and Marxist writers, it does not believe in re-writing and fabricating history……, Advanced embedding details, examples, and help, Terms of Service (last updated 12/31/2014). It was founded in 1894. See what's new with book lending at the Internet Archive, Uploaded by

They say that it was built by Ibrahim Sharqi in H. 809 as is (recorded) in Gharabat Nigar’. It is an eloquent, almost lyrical foreword. Hideaway Communalism Table of contents. It was thought that this was the way to announce hegemony. Alamgir built a mosque at Mathura. I was told, in fact, that copies of the book had been removed, for instance from the Aligarh Muslim University Library. Its Head His Father and His Book A Sudden Reluctance This valuable gift, this historical testament' The Explanation 'Qawwat al-Islam Mosque

VOLUMES 1 AND 2-----Volumes 1 A Preliminary Survey ARUN SHOURIE HARSH NARAIN JAY DUBASHI RAM SWARUP SITA RAM GOEL Voice of India, New Delhi Contents Preface 1. Consider upgrading to a modern browser for an improved experience.


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