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We are, therefore, duty bound, legally bound, contractually bound and ethically bound to honour that trust and we HAVE NEVER and WILL NEVER abuse that trust. Amcham spearheaded community policing in the Grants Pen area of St. Andrew that has significantly reduced crime in that once volatile inner-city community.
My husband agrees and supports this decision.

2. But as you know, as a private company, we could not continue this indefinitely. Did your contract with the companies, not include a clause for fee increase? Should a non-utility company have access to customers' utility files and personal details of telephone calls, utility consumption, etc.? We have been exchanging over different financial instruments and are known for our steady execution and the ROI. This business model was, and continues to be anchored on the assumption that Jamaicans are busy and productive, and would therefore value and be willing to pay for the convenience, ease, and savings in time and travel cost that Paymaster has brought to the market. SmartPay is a lease to own program that allows your customers to get devices, accessories or airtime today, you get paid right away, and the customer pays over time!

To become a construction supervisor, you won’t need a degree even though you might need to pay your dues for some years. The Paymaster Loyalty Card allows customers to pay one yearly membership fee for the benefit of being exempt from the $30 per transaction charge. Given our already positive working relationship, we quickly established that Digicel Group is the right strategic partner for Paymaster and I am very excited about the future.”, Now you can read the Jamaica Observer ePaper anytime, anywhere. 12. Call Paymaster Customer Service at 1-888-PAY-BILL (729-2455), between 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. EST, Monday through Saturday. When you sign up for the full Bill Pay program, you gain access to more than 3,500 billers, including major nation-wide billers like T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, Comcast, and Dish Network, Lunex is the pioneer in PIN-Less calling plans which are progressively replacing traditional international calling cards as the preferred choice for international calling.

After calling Paymaster to find out about the different type of cards that will be available, and learning that up to five account numbers can be added to a card, I then ask how can I get a second card with those same account numbers? You ask the questions...Audrey Marks, CEO of Paymaster Jamaica, Audrey Marks - "Security is by far, our greatest cost, and a significant proportion of that goes into keeping consumer data safe and secure. Why?

According to Digicel, Paymaster's growth stems from the company’s concept of capitalising on leading edge technology, low cost service centres and always putting the customers first. Most commissions are paid instantly! We get many requests from mediators which like to safe their commissions by a paymaster agreement.

We collect the fee as a separate and independent payment, and pay over the FULL amount of your settlement to the utility company. The problem that I have noticed in our nation is lack of trust. This is OK, but the main contract has to be closed between SENDER and RECEIVER of the funds.

Is Paymaster authorised to deduct a percentage of the payments received from the customers of the utility companies before paying the collected sums over to them as a commission or fee for operating the collection process? Paymaster Jamaica has, over the past nine years, invested tens of millions of dollars to create a physical and technological service infrastructure.

Why do you think the public should now pay a service charge to pay their utility bills at Paymaster? CONSTRUCTION SUPERVISORS –$6,900,000 ANNUALLY In Jamaica. The Jamaican real estate can be a very profitable seeing that there is a great demand for residential properties in areas such as Kingston and resort properties in area like Ochi Rios, Negril, Montego Bay and Portland. The pursuit of same should not, however, be at the expense of our humanity and spiritual growth.

Help us with our commitment to improve the way money is delivered and used today. You announced that there will be a senior citizen consideration, how can I benefit from this, or if that is not possible, can any special arrangement be looked into for persons like myself? It offers material that is necessary for you to become an efficient agent in the local Real Estate field, because in Real Estate what you don’t know can hurt you.

Terms under which this service is provided to you. [11] Act two of the story starts in 1994 when Ms. Audrey Marks, while resident both in Jamaica and in the United States of America, came up with the Paymaster Multi-Agency Payment concept. Corporate card $1,300 for corporate customers/companies. In essence, Paymaster Jamaica is bound by the same contract and rules of confidentiality and information disclosure that govern the utility companies, financial institutions, and other private and public sector agencies that have access to far more personal information than our company. ", Standard card $650 for individual customers (up to 10 accounts), Senior citizen's card $130 for customers aged 65 & over. What are the requirements to becoming a real estate agent in Jamaica, I would like to become a real estate agent in jamaica, i would like to know the level of education u have to have before doing this course, I want to know how to be a real estate agent.........want to kno wat area to go in at high school,the skills needed and college to go to.

Professionally, I use the name my customers and clients recognise. This is an old fashioned job but a higher paying … Depending on your background (lawyer, realtor from another country), you might be exempted from some of the classes.Other courses are offered for persons who wish to become a real estate dealer or a developer in Jamaica. Please do not write in block capitals since this makes your comment hard to read. This is definitely something to consider and the answer will be seen in due course.

Become An Agent; Applications; Training; Blog; News; Contact Us - share - Applications.

You announced that there will be a senior citizen consideration, how can I benefit from this, or if that is not possible, can any special arrangement be looked into for persons like myself. I was told you'll just have to pay another $650 for a second card.

Is your company authorised to deduct a percentage of the payments received from the customers of the utility companies before paying the collected sums over to them as a commission or fee for operating the collection process?

What is the ethical, moral and legal grounds under which the consumer is to pay a fee for paying their bills, when your company as the utility agent was set up by the utilities, for the convenience of the utility companies? We will, however, try to publish comments that are representative of all received.
After you have passed the exams and checks, to practice real estate in Jamaica legally, in most cases you must be employed to a licensed Realtor in Jamaica. Why? However, our advertising department can be more than Box 435 Kingston 5, Jamaica W.I.


10. A paymaster is someone appointed by a group of buyers, sellers, investors or lenders to receive, hold, and dispense funds, commissions, fees, salaries (renumeration) or other trade, loan, or sales proceeds within the private sector or public sector. If you are looking to sell real estate in Jamaica, you can do so by attending the Real Estate Salesman's Course #100H that is offered at the University of Technology, Jamaica.

Expressing her delight at the deal, Ambassador Marks, who will be staying in her executive positions as both a shareholder and Executive Chairman of Paymaster commented; “This move gives Paymaster the ability to capitalise on some big opportunities particularly in the areas of online and mobile-based payments. This investment was made completely independent of the utility companies, and was driven purely by considerations for the Jamaican public. "Ambassador Audrey Marks has done a tremendous job in establishing and then growing Paymaster into the highly successful business it is today and we are looking forward to working with her and her team to take it to the next level," he said. If you need help right away, feel free to contact one of our friendly Agents in Customer Care Department. The senior citizen consideration is applicable to persons who are 65 or older; the bills being paid must be in the name of the senior citizen.

Real Time Refills, or RTR, is the easiest way to add revenue to your bottom line with zero capital outlay.


There are several other organisations, community groups, companies, individuals too numerous to name, that are providing millions of dollars, and their own time to help create a better society. 7. This is one of the features we are pleased to offer our customers. I am convinced that many of our leaders, particularly in the public and private sectors, have too often failed to live up to rules of proper governance, their promises and their commitments, and have not been held accountable for their transgressions. So, if you are mediator please advise the sender or receiver to contact us.

BRICK MASON – $2,500,000 ANNUALLY In Jamaica. I have six bills to pay per month, three utility bills for myself and three for my parents. Digicel Group CEO, Colm Delves, said; “Paymaster is a great brand and a great product and we are delighted to welcome it to the Digicel family as we expand our range of products and services consistent with the convergence of communications, e-Commerce and financial services.

Paymaster is always looking for talented individuals to join our team. Paymaster Services for high value transactions: Elite Group provides global, confidential, commercial service for all types of special financial transactions including including automatic payment distribution to multiple parties, trigger point transactions, and complex funds management.

Home / Become An Agent. accommodating if emailed: advertising@jamaicaobserver.com. BECOME AN AGENT. If you need help right away, feel free to contact one of our friendly Agents in Customer Care Department. The price of $30 per transaction reflects the minimum required for cost recovery.


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