The soon return of Jesus also carries with it a message for believers. It will be besieged by a menacing nation from the “remote parts of the north,” the nation of “Rosh” — or modern day Russia (Ezekiel 38:2,6). Step 3 will be the worldwide mark of the beast imposed and death to any rebel that will not receive the mark of the beast. For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom.\"(Matthew 24:6,7a) Since World War II, many countries have been building up massive arsenals of conventional and nuclear weapons. Why Trump Will Remain & What’s Next Including 5G, Covid-19, “Dark Winter” & Suggestions To Protect Your Health From 5G, God’s presidential placement, “Nothing has changed” this time around, Post Election Prophecy: Biden May Die, Restoration, Vindication, Holiness, Preaching the Cross. In fact, He said it would become as evil as it was in the days of Noah (Matthew 24:12,37-39). Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Plus it is the ten kings of the beast who destroy her. September 4, 2019. The Prophets are still saying that Jesus is still Coming, and to ready our hearts. Jerusalem remained under Gentile occupation for 1,897 years — until June 7, 1967, when Israel won the city back during the Six Day War. I have been…, There will be a "discovery" in Pennsylvania that people will try to stop from getting to the supreme court if this dream is correct from Pastor Coverstone on Oct 20. I hope to leave soon and I can no longer recommend this country for visit, retirement or more unless God leads you. © 2016 – 2020, Z3 News. "Jesus is definitely coming back soon, as evidenced by all the other prophecies discussed throughout this website. Express. What does Philippines got to with them? The basic point is that we all must be sure we are ready, but how? I have a book by Rees. Please understand I try not to be dogmatic about a complete timeline because many aspects are not given deep consideration in the Scriptures so I feel led to be cautious about doing so. It was my own fault From this He showed me that He wants us to OBEY in every little thing. As a matter of fact, God is obligated by His character to warn the world of the imminent return of His Son. The day before He delivered this speech, He had put a curse on a barren fig tree, causing it to wither (Matthew 21:18-19). I think we will see MILLIONS return home to Israel. Please watch it with voter fraud i…, MattNZ I was listening to someone tonight talking about the investigation of the voter fraud accusations and she, referring to the lawsuits said something about getting to the discovery process. Also, Ruptly video yesterday of Republicans speaking up for President Trump! Amen to that Jodi. The Jews who settled in Europe developed a new language called Yiddish — a combination of German and Hebrew. Remember, we first discovered Mike 444 when the Holy Spirit led us to the video he posted about “Bracing For Impact”, which was referencing the meteorites coming, the economic crash, the Spiritual Awakening, Civil unrest, and all of the catastrophic weather phenomena that will get worse as we enter into the Tribulation. Just saying that there’s no coincidence our ultimate judgement (mystery Babylon being destroyed in one hour, probably by nuclearweapons in around 2020) will immediately proceed the final Jews departure/return to their homeland by our 400th birthday (approximately). “…the Lord God sent him (Adam) from the garden of Eden to cultivate the ground from which he was taken”. They all thought they would go with Him. 15:12-26 it clearly speaks of the resurrection; teaching that ALL who belong to Christ shall be resurrected at his Coming. My Spanish is very limited and the pay rates here are low while the costs of living a…,,, There are so many people like us now, where Believers are more and more keenly aware and learning of the end times gathering of His people. not with govt anyway, I’ve encountered a few Pinoy who carry a chip on their shoulder in resenting Americans who are emboldened to be meaner to Americans but in general that is the minority, most Pinoy are sweet people. I’m currently working on the following view (simplified frame work): 1) Israel will rebuild the temple and restart their sacrificial ceremonies. I don’t understand your comment Stella. 16:14-16). I have proven this through the many arti…, I agree God raises up kings and deposes kings but if He acted on His own, independently of us, He would be in violation of His own words spoken when He gave man dominion over the earth. It will be a lie from the Elites of course and the antichrist to make people believe it was not from God. We have it on our hearts to move to Israel, just not before this war takes place. There are about 500 prophecies in the Old Testament that relate to the Second Coming of the Messiah. We are to be focused…, In my humble opinion this is a test by God to see if all these so-called pastors that surround Trump ( the ones that are prosperity gospel lukewarm pastors) God may just be making them believe Biden c…. We must respond immediately when prompted by the Holy Spirit to say and do exactly what the Father desires just as Jesus did. Another key player on the world political scene in the end times will be a coalition of European nations that will form a confederation centered in the area of the old Roman empire (Daniel 2:41-44, Daniel 7:7,23-24, and Revelation 17:12-13). Isaiah 5:20, “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter.”, Emmanuel – “God is with Us”. And after the wind an earthquake, but the Lord was not in the earthquake. The “ground” from which Adam and Eve were taken… was the ground of fellowship. End Time Prophets, Bloggers and Watchmen. I realised that I can not do this anymore. Such a mighty man of God willing to lay his life down to pray out the will of God. Equally significant, He added an interesting observation: “Truly I say to you, this generation will not pass away until all these things take place” (Matthew 24:34). In a world where money is king, financial trouble will lead to all sorts of other trouble, including civil unrest, violence, and even civil war. Russian technicians will scramble to issue self-destruct orders to the ICBMs and many self-destruct , some of the ICBMs are destroyed by our missile defence , one gets thru with 4 warheads . The desert will bloom and people will exclaim, “This desolate land has become like the garden of Eden” (Ezekiel 36:35).


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