Click Download PDF to open the desired form. If two friends share a household but do not constitute a family, they must each file their own application. Basic social assistance is usually granted from the beginning of the month of application or the following month. This might be the case for example if you are threatened with eviction or if you have been released from hospital and need medicine urgently. More information about social assistance and bills. You can send your application and supporting documents conveniently by using our e-service. Mothers can apply for maternity allowance, parental allowance, partial parental allowance, special maternity allowance, maternity grant, child benefit and adoption grant.

You must provide good reasons why the assistance should be granted retroactively. a comma as thousands separator and a period (full stop) as decimal separator (1,234.00 €) in forms in English. Claim - Child home care allowance - Private day care allowance. Application - Social assistance - Rental security deposit TO 2e The form is used when applying for rental security deposit in the form of social assistance. Mail the completed form and any supporting documents to Kela at the address Kela, PL 10, 00056 KELA. A written decision on your application will be sent to you by post. Kela maintains a detailed website outlining all the aspects of local social security. Click Download PDF to open the desired form. This form is used to claim unemployment allowance and labour market subsidy. The application form for basic social assistance is available from Kela's offices and can also be printed out online at Application processing times Kela will give a decision on your application within seven working days. In exceptional situations it can be granted retroactively. If the payment cannot be made on the regular payment day, it will be made in connection to your social assistance decision. Visit our e-service to see if your application has been decided, how much you will get and when you will be paid. copy of estate inventory deed if you or your family member are a party to an estate. Print. Based on your circumstances, Kela will evaluate for how long a period you can get assistance. If you do not expect your income or circumstances to change, you can apply for assistance for more than one or two months. Kela will usually deal with your application within seven working days (Monday to Friday) of receiving your application and all necessary supporting documents. Kela also provides health care benefits paid for private health care. If you cannot apply for basic social assistance online or on a paper form, you can do so verbally. Forms intended for healthcare professionals are available primarily through the patient information system used in each organisation. Interruption in online service 12 November 06:00–08:00 More information. You will be contacted if additional information is required. The Kela website is available in three languages: English, Finnish, and Swedish. The regular payment day of Kela's basic social assistance is the first banking day of the month. If you have a spouse or partner, either one of you can make an application for both of you. members section of the Finnish Medical Association website. statement from the creditor showing the amount of housing debt or an account statement showing the loan number, outstanding amount, purpose and interest rate percentage. Information stating that Kela retrieves wage details from the national incomes register has been added to the application forms. Interruption in online service 12 November 06:00–08:00 More information. Kela evaluates if your need for assistance is urgent. Basic social assistance may be available to individuals and families whose income and assets do not cover their essential daily expenses. Interruption in online service 12 November 06:00–08:00 More information. Alternatively, you can complete and print out the application form for Social assistance (TO1e, PDF). Remember to provide all relevant information in your application.


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