| Marc Allégret | | Director: Joe Stapleton, Votes: Crime, Drama, Mystery. Israel Broussard, Drama, Music, Romance. Comedy, Drama. 44 min Stars: 329,195 Director: When the desk sergeant asks who was murdered, he answers: "I was. 99 min | Director: Richard Brooks | Stars: Glenn Ford, Anne Francis, Louis Calhern, Margaret Hayes Votes: 8,034 3. Valeria Correa, 72 min A teacher who's having an affair will do anything to keep his wife, the Dean of the University, from finding out about their illicit affair... even murder. Stars: 971 So there are lots of words for good reason.Its very dialoguey dialogue: not the kind of things people say, but the kind of things writers write. Alex Burns, | Miles Chapin, Lydie Denier, 87 min Marta Torné, Based on writer Susanna Kaysen's account of her 18-month stay at a mental hospital in the late 1960s. When 30-something Jesse returns to his alma mater for a professor's retirement party, he falls for Zibby, a college student, and is faced with a powerful attraction that springs up between them. Director: Stars: Jean Marais, Title: Andy Samberg, Spencer Redford, Sonny Smith, Cultural critic David Kepesh finds his life, which he indicates is a state of "emancipated manhood", thrown into tragic disarray by Consuela Castillo, a well-mannered student who awakens a sense of sexual possessiveness in her teacher. | Stars: Stars: A high school student's love for a 15-year-old girl is thwarted by parental disapproval, circumstance and accident. | Crime, Drama, Mystery. Blanche Baker, Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Drama. Jessica Rothe, | Gross: | Edwige Fenech, 119 min Jeff Melman | Tanit Phoenix Copley, Mohit Chauhan, R | A high school teacher's personal life becomes complicated as he works with students during the school elections, particularly with an obsessive overachiever determined to become student body president. Fares Fares, Darlene Vogel, 97 min Director: | Gross: Stars: | Reminiscent of the verbal gymnastics of Samuel Beckett, and the twisting meanings of Catch-22. $3.48M, 89 min Comedy, Drama, Romance. 91 min 92 min Olavi Uusivirta, | A high school student develops a crush on her gym teacher. Shirô Shimomoto, | Director: Looking for some great streaming picks? | Director: Director: Director: Anthony Hopkins, Now Donny resurfaces just before Todd's wedding after years apart, sending the groom-to-be's world crashing down. Short, Drama, Romance, A distraught man in coat and tie grips the guardrail at a remote cliff overlooking the Pacific. | Crime, Drama, Family, In the small town of Rome, Wisconsin, the daily life of the quiet townspeople is disrupted when the Tin Man drops dead during a local production the "The Wizard of Oz" due to nicotine ... See full summary », Director: | | Eva Holubová, Viola is 37 years old and his teacher. Stars: Stars: Tim Fywell Teacher Linda Sinclair balances her staid home life with an incredible passion for her subject, but her routine is forever altered when a former star pupil and his unsupportive father reenter her life. Stella's phoned on her monthly day off by Lovisa, twin sister of Regina, who just died in a sauna. Michael Angarano, | Comedy, Crime, Mystery. Bryan Carroll, TV-14 22 min | | Director: Simon Kaijser | Stars: Guy Pearce, Pierce Brosnan, Minnie Driver, Alexandra Shipp. Comedy, Crime, Thriller. | Janel Moloney, Votes: With the help of her coach, her mom, and the boy who drives the Zamboni machine, nothing can stop Casey from realizing her dream to be a champion figure skater. Despite the ongoing investigation, the ... See full summary », Director: Kenneth Fink He is attracted by her beauty and maturity. Pierce Brosnan, | Drama, Mystery, Romance. 11 min Gillian Anderson, | A love story about ambition, giving up and reaching the dreams. In his simple life there are no excitements, even in long-time relationship with a widow. Drama, Romance. | A career jewel thief finds himself at tense odds with his longtime partner, a crime boss who sends his nephew to keep watch. Daniel Ings, Fred Willard, Leticia Vasquez, Votes: One ... See full summary », Director: 96 min Sam Shepard, Director: As the twins' reunion reinvigorates them, they realize the key to fixing their lives may just lie in repairing their relationship. Stars: Director: Stars: Penélope Cruz, Marg Helgenberger, Lena is seventeen years old and is on the threshold of entering adult life, but her growing up is brutally interrupted by a horrific event. Liz W. Garcia Its static, centring on two characters and one room, but for good reason - to put the words centre stage. | Drama, Romance, War, Malmö, Sweden during the Second World War. 98 min 93 min Searching for direction in life, she trains to be a râmen chef under a tyrannical Japanese master. Omar Anguiano, | Peter Facinelli, 124 min Anne Misawa Helen Thomson, 105 min | Hyuk Jang, Isabel Coixet Dominika Zeleníková, Marçal Forés Stars: Joanna Kulig, | 104 min | Jamie McShane, Edwige Fenech plays the sexy private teacher of Franco (Alfredo Pea) who immediately falls madly in love with her. Lloyd Kramer Oleanna To save the honour of the boy and his family, the pre-eminent barrister of the day is engaged to take on the might the Admiralty. Kazumi Kawai, Anna Jakab Rakovska, | Guy Pearce, Director: Tom Skerritt, | | Þorsteinn Guðmundsson, 90 min Sybil Danning, | Mainly, the exact things the two say are not what's key. Costas Mandylor, Carla Bianco, Unrated | A coming of age romantic drama set in 1972 based on real life events. Amber Taylor, | Andreas Wigand, Ruby Modine, David Soul, Romance, A regular high school student has a boyfriend with whom she has not had sex. 93 min | Stars: Richard Lang, Dávid Rácz, 90 min Poonam Pandey, An American woman is stranded in Tokyo after breaking up with her boyfriend. | A veteran high school teacher befriends a younger art teacher, who is having an affair with one of her 15-year-old students. A two character movie, involving a college professor, John, who is confronted by a female student, Carol, who is failing his course. 77 min | Woo-sung Jung,


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