Copy and paste the following code to link back to this work (CTRL A/CMD A will select all), or use the Tweet or Tumblr links to share the work on your Twitter or Tumblr account. The IT girl - Arrow Fanfiction. Caroline folded her arms across chest and frowned. I own nothing. Clarke folded her arms across chest and frowned. What have I done this time?" Clarke would never understand why her mother chose a dress with a thick satin sash on a chiffon dress. Please consider turning it on! Your review has been posted. Hanging up she ignored Stefan's protests. Did she take offense to not being asked to plan the wedding? Stefan emphasized. Clarke paled. Klaus sighed. I asked for clean, precise and accurate and he sent me dirty, pathetic and paunchy. He was pretty sure Harper, or maybe Monroe would have gone with the charade. "My dad is so happy. "It's your mom's wedding Care, don't be sad." Share this: Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) Aubrey Dollar 1 Battle Creek 1 One Small Hitch … "Yeah. Things quickly get out of hand with their two boisterous families, and a series of events which causes them to pretend to be a couple and start planning a phony wedding. ", "No. AN: Saw this movie and just had to do a Klaroline version. ", Klaus turned to the entrance of the bar where he could make out the entrance of the terminal. "Is that my phone, give it to me!" I shouldn't have asked you to play fiancé to me in the first place. Even though she was glad to be going home and seeing her family again, they were sometimes a little too much at times. My best friend's Mom's wedding. Lexi knows what time I'm flying in, you could have asked her.". Bellamy finally snapped out of his daze and turned to his mom. In walked a pretty little brunette with the shortest most flattering white cocktail dress he'd ever seen. 12 Best movies like One Small Hitch. Mel!" When the pretending begins to foster real feelings, the two must make some serious decisions - Split up and return to their lives in LA, or make a life as a couple back in Chicago...- Loosely based on the 2013 movie plot 'One Small Hitch'. We don't have all day!" "Hey, what's Finn wearing?" "Come on Clarke! Not your usual airport attire; not that he was complaining. "Go on, it's almost three. Caroline watched Tyler look up in surprise at the man before them. After an obnoxious half hour which consisted of nothing but honking outside her apartment, Tyler had the audacity to claim that Caroline secretly didn't really want to attend her mothers wedding in any case because they were not that close. Bellamy glanced down at her, eyes prompting her to continue. ", "I can't wait," came Stefan's amused reply. Still, Clarke knew she would never have been able to pull off what Bellamy asked of her. Bellamy shifted on the couch and was ready to cave in, flight to Columbus be damned, when his gaze landed on her bag with a magazine sticking out. She knew they didn't like Tyler because they hadn't even attempted to get to know him better. Her annoyed expression made him roll his eyes before mustering the most dramatic sigh he possibly could, "How many times do you want me to say I'm sorry?". "You couldn't have just pretended to have spoken to me? "Hey, don't get mad at me. Finn's different. Octavia joined in. Well Liz was nothing if not over the top. He could feel it. The hockey reference already taking him back to the good old days of hockey with his best mate and brothers in the backyard until someone eventually ended up in tears. ", Bellamy paused. To Clarke's relief, her friends stopped laughing at her expense. Not only would he have to explain to his younger sister Rebekah why he was coming alone...again, but his brother Kol would surely give him grief. "Stefan." She did not expect anything less. He idly wondered if he would get to the airport on time.. -On a flight home from Chicago for a family wedding, childhood friends Klaus and Caroline innocently agree to a fake wedding engagement to make Klaus' dying father happy. Caroline walked out of her room as she shrugged on her jacket, oblivious to the awkward glances her friends shared. Normally, Clarke would have no sympathy for his brash thinking; he dug that hole himself, he needs to figure a way out. Jessica was already off the roster and now Genevieve was on her way out too. Caroline shrugged as she walked back to her room. Tyler shook his head at Caroline's behavior. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. ", "Destination I Do, Get Married?" Katherine said slyly, nudging Bonnie in the shoulder sending the two girls into giggles. Everyone could naturally assume they had fallen in love. ", Clarke whirled on her heal, and linked her arm through his and began walking away from the crowd. "Come on, I'm sure you look beautiful! Monroe called. Not tying the knot. Elizabeth Mary Salvatore soon to be Forbes was now going onto husband number 4. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. R.S.V.P yes to Michael Kors' party, I want the driver to drop me off at 9:30 and pick me up at 9:45 sharp. "Quit stalling and show us the dress already!". Tyler surged himself out the open window and sat on the ledge of the door. Summary: Roman and Patton plan a holiday celebration to end all holiday celebrations.There’s just…one small hitch. tip: katekyou "alternate universe" sort:>words. "What if like me, his going to Chicago with me because he feels like this is it for us.. It was looking so natural, I loved it. He wasn't exactly thrilled to be seeing his family soon, sure he missed his folks but they were sometimes a bit too overbearing. The sound of a horn honking repetitively ceased the girl's mirth. Stefan's voice of protest brought him out of his perusal and drew his attention back to his cell. Mel lifted herself off his lap and looked over at the paper that had grabbed Bellamy's attention. Recognition dawned on April's face as she regarded Caroline like she was the worst person in the world. "They're very nice. wow this is very interesting story. I could never pull a charade like that off; I'm no actress! It seemed pretty heated. Neither Bellamy nor Clarke could have predicted the sight that met them. All that money, gone for nothing.". "Oh, that's just something to read on the plane. Period. He was not ready for marriage. "Fuck." "Wick would kill me. "Nope, haven't seen him." Klaus smirked, "Well that sounded depressing" Klaus chuckled, "So Caroline's bringing this mystery guy home." She said more to herself than Tyler, since he had already turned back to his rope. His phone rang breaking him out his sprawling family saga of thoughts and his mood instantly lifted when he saw that it was Stefan. Clarke glared at the closed door separating her from her friends before turning to study herself in the full length mirror that graced her closet door. Let me know if I missed anything! Follow/Fav One Small Hitch. He has to be. Genevieve was incredibly sweet and beautiful but she wanted more than what he was willing to give. Bonnie pouted playfully, "I'm not sad. Sweet Home Alabama (2002) Felicity has a secret that she has managed to keep safe for the last four years. Yup. I said I was sorry baby" he whined "come on' lay one on me." Bellamy breathed out a sigh of relief. She just needs to convince her friends of that. By: Jomoholic. The three girls shared a look. He smiled anxiously as she passed with no more than a raised eyebrow. Much to Caroline's relief her she-devil friends stopped laughing at her expense. You need to get to the airport." If you already have an account, Log in. But can what started out as a charade morph into something more? She chanced one last look at herself before opening the door to stand in front of the she-devils she called her friends. "Mel, it's not a thirty-six hour flight to Columbus. "Come one Caroline, Chicago is waiting! Deciding to ignore her boyfriends obvious discomfort and not to mention his failure to remember it was common courtesy to introduce your girlfriend, "Hi, I'm Caroline." Why did they always think that they could do everything and not admit to actually asking for help once in a while? His smirk grew. she yelled to Finn. ", "Well, we're going to a wedding." So, here I am, venturing into the world of fanfiction. "Clarke," Bellamy said, taking a deep breath. She refused to look anywhere else besides out this stupid window. She sat in a booth toward the back of the bar. Caroline refrained from the snarky come back on the tip of her tongue. But it's down to once a month." He reached down and took her hand in his. Exiting her room she saw Monroe holding Clarke's phone while the music streamed from the device. Will it affect team arrow! he yelled from his car. She was being stubborn and dramatic even after he had already apologized. At least the color is nice, she thought wryly, playing with the soft, mauve layers with her fingers. "I'm sorry. Stefan heard Caroline question, "Wait, your mystery man wants you to bring a knife to the airport? She heard Bonnie yell out. Follow/Fav One Small Hitch By: foreverily On a flight home to Columbus for a family wedding, childhood friends Bellamy and Clarke innocently agree to fake an engagement to … "Clarke, this is ridiculous! Once the station was set to self-destruct the shield would drop and extraction would be running late. You should have kept your mouth shut. Work Search: Mel continued her assault on his jaw and moved her hands from his shoulders to the hem of his shirt, playing with the end, her intent clear. Shaking her head, Clarke didn't see one of the fake ferns surrounding one of the trees and tripped. Jessica nodded weakly and got up to leave. …. Finn slid himself out the open window and sat on the ledge of the door. Their flight was at five and it was only two in the afternoon. Besides, her mom was getting married! No one anticipated the kindred friendship that started to develop between Klaus and Stefan. Clarke was getting tired of all her friends getting engaged and married and starting families of their own, while she just had one failed relationship after the next. His phone started to go off bringing him out of his revere but he hesitated when he saw that it was indeed Jessica his PA calling.. Was she that desperate for his touch?


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