Would you like to place a link to your Saskatchewan genealogy / history website here? This one-room building was constructed of hand-hewn poplar logs hauled from the North Saskatchewan River by ox cart. Outlook Cemetery Outlook, Saskatchewan Canada + Google Map + Google Calendar + iCal Export. In addition to establishing homesteads, they also began building a church which they named Shiloh Baptist Church and which quickly became the focal point for the community. Even the benches remain as they originally were, helping preserve the important history of this Saskatchewan heritage site. Please complete the captcha to let us know you are a real person. The Cemeteries online at the Canada Gen Web Saskatchewan Cemeteries Projectare listed below (alphabetical listing by Rural Municipality Name). Fertile Valley Cemetery has also been known as: Hanley Mennonite Church Cemetery lies 20 miles [32.2 km], Haultain Trinity Lutheran Cemetery lies 39 miles [62.8 km], Highland Cemetery lies 21 miles [33.8 km], Hillcrest Cemetery lies 14 miles [22.5 km], Hillside Gardens Cemetery lies 33 miles [53.1 km], Holt - Mosten Cemetery lies 26 miles [41.8 km], Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery lies 35 miles [56.3 km]. Most of these are complete indices at the time of transcription, however, in some cases we list the listing when it is only a partial listing. The original Saskatchewan Gen Web cemetery information page (Archived page is the only one available currently while Rootsweb/Ancestry.com is down), SKABD1423 St Ascension / Laniwci-Ukrainian Catholic Cemetery, AberdeenRM # 373SKBAR0554 Dahlton Lutheran Cemetery, Barrier Valley RM # 397SKBAR0555 Dahlton South Cemetery, Barrier Valley RM # 397SKBAR1401 Lakeside Cemetery, Barrier Valley RM # 397SKBAT1263 Jean Baptiste De La Salle, Battle River RM # 438SKBIR1168 Holy Trinity Cemetery, Birch Hills RM # 460SKBLA3069 Terpania-Brookhill Cemetery, Blaine Lake RM # 434SKBLU1985 Christ Church - West Patience Lake Cemetery, Blucher RM # 343SKBLU0720 Elstow Cemetery, Blucher RM # 343SKBLU2566 St Helen's Cemetery, Blucher RM # 343SKCAN0086 Ascension Lutheran Cemetery, Cana RM # 214SKCAN1932 Otthon Hungarian Cemetery, Cana RM # 214SKCAN2103 Precious Blood Cemetery, Cana RM # 214SKCWD1865 North Shell River Norwegian Lutheran / North ConcordiaCemetery, Canwood RM # 494SKCWD2447 South Concordia Cemetery, Canwood RM # 494SKCPN0421 Chaplin Cemetery, Chaplin RM # 164SKCLA1981 Parr View Community Cemetery, Clayton RM # 333SKCOR0272 Bogdanovka (Cee Pee) Cemetery, Corman Park RM # 344SKCOR0558 Dalmeny Bible Church Cemetery, Corman Park RM # 344SKCOR0559 Ebenezer Cemetery, Corman Park RM # 344SKCOR0822 First Saskatchewan Cemetery, Corman Park RM # 344SKCOR1337 Kirilowka Cemetery, Corman Park RM # 344SKCOR1419 Memorial Cemetery, Corman Park RM # 344SKCOR1959 Pakrowka (Henrietta) Cemetery, Corman Park RM # 344SKCOR3129 Trinity Cemetery, Corman Park RM # 344SKDUC0897 Garthland-Rosenorter Cemetery, Duck Lake RM # 463SKDUC1212 Horse Lake Mennonite Cemetery, Duck Lake RM # 463SKDUF0221 Bethune Cemetery, Dufferin RM # 190SKDUN2094 Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Administration Cemetery, DundurnRM # 314SKDUN1703 Round Prairie Cemetery, Dundurn RM # 314SKEDE0118 Balgonie Cemetery, Edenwold RM # 158SKEDE0812 First German Cemetery, Edenwold RM # 158SKELF2050 Mozart Pioneer Cemetery, Elfros RM # 307SKEME1133 Holar Cemetery, Emerald RM # 277SKEXS2270 Rush Lake Cemetery, Excelsior RM # 166SKFIS0044 Alvena Cemetery, Fish Creek RM # 402SKFIS3439 Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Cemetery, Fish Creek RM # 402SKGNR0460 Claytonville Polish Roman Catholic Cemetery, Garden River RM # 490SKGAR0094 Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Cemetery, Garry RM # 245SKGAR1018 Rock Dell Cemetery, Garry RM # 245SKGRV1299 Kelfield Cemetery, Grandview RM # 349SKGRA0284 Borschiw Cemetery, Grant RM # 372SKGRA2122 Pryma (St John the Baptist) Cemetery, Grant RM # 372SKGRA2297 Sacred Heart Ukrainian Catholic Cemetery, Grant RM # 372SKGRA2565 St Denis Cemetery, Grant RM # 372SKHAZ3155 Kulikiw / Ukrainian Catholic Parish of Holy EucharistCemetery, Hazel Dell RM # 335SKHUR3142 Tugaske Cemetery, Huron RM # 223SKINS2203 Riverside Cemetery, Insinger RM # 275SKINS3078 Theodore Cemetery, Insinger RM # 275SKINS3080 Theodore Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Cemetery, Insinger RM # 275SKIVM0761 Evergreen Cemetery, Invermay RM # 305SKITU1262 Jasmin Cemetery, Ituna Bon Accord RM # 246SKKEY2900 Sts Peter and Paul Romanian Orthodox Cemetery, Key West RM # 70SKKIN1699 Merrington Cemetery, Kindersley RM # 290SKLKL1310 Kermaria Cemetery, Lake Lenore RM # 399SKLKL1309 Kermaria Church Cemetery, Lake Lenore RM # 399SKLKR1763 Mount Hope Cemetery, Lake of The Rivers RM # 72SKLAN3056 Tabor General / Good Shepherd Lutheran / Bohemian GeneralCemetery, Langenburg RM # 181SKLIV1566 Maloneck Cemetery, Livingston RM # 331SKLOO0148 Beauty Point Cemetery, Loon Lake RM # 561SKLOR1048 Hawarden Cemetery, Loreburn RM # 254SKLOS3029 Sunny Valley Cemetery, Lost River RM # 313SKMRT2678 St John's Old Cemetery, Martin RM # 122SKMRT2857 St Paul's Cemetery, Martin RM # 122SKMRF1647 McDermot Cemetery, Maryfield RM # 91SKMCL1587 Mariahilf Cemetery, McLeod RM # 185SKMEA2555 St Cyprien Cemetery, Meadow Lake RM # 588SKMER3146 Turtleford Cemetery, Mervin RM # 499SKMTR0623 Donavon Cemetery, Montrose RM # 315SKMTR2495 St Ambrose Cemetery, Montrose RM # 315SKMTR3046 Swanson Mennonite Church of God in Christ Cemetery, MontroseRM # 315SKORK0688 Ebenezer First Grunert Cemetery, Orkney RM # 244SKORK3438 Fone Hill / Phone Hill / Baptist Cemetery, Orkney RM # 244SKORK0806 Hoffman Cemetery Memorial 1890-1918, Orkney RM # 244SKORK1261 Jaroslaw Cemetery, Orkney RM # 244SKPLD2296 Naicam Cemetery, Pleasantdale RM # 398SKPLD1795 Naicam Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery, Pleasantdale RM # 398SKPLD2593 St George's Cemetery, Pleasantdale RM # 398SKPRE1862 North Prairie Cemetery, Preeceville RM # 334SKPRI2112 Prince Albert Memorial Gardens & Crematorium, Prince Albert RM# 461SKRED2562 St Demetrius Cemetery, Redberry RM # 435SKRIV2642 St John Cemetery, Riverside RM # 168SKROS0218 Bethlehem Cemetery, Rosedale RM # 283SKROS1031 Hanley Cemetery, Rosedale RM # 283SKROS1032 Hanley Mennonite Church Cemetery, Rosedale RM # 283SKROS1033 Hanley Old Cemetery, Rosedale RM # 283SKRTN0015 Adamiwka (Holy Ghost) Cemetery, Rosthern RM # 403SKRTN2778 St Mary's Ukrainian Catholic Cemetery, Rosthern RM # 403SKRUD2320 Saskatchewan River Cemetery, Rudy RM # 284SKRUD1034 Spring Creek Cemetery, Rudy RM # 284SKSAR0416 Chamberlain Cemetery, Sarnia RM # 221SKSLI0949 Gorlitz Community Cemetery, Sliding Hills RM # 273SKSLI1026 Krepakevich Family Cemetery, Sliding Hills RM # 273SKSQA0108 Avonhurst Cemetery, South Qu'Appelle RM # 157SKSPA2261 Round Lake Cemetery, Spalding RM # 368SKSTP0737 Engelfeld Union Cemetery, St Peter RM # 369SKSTP2914 St Peter's Monastery Cemetery, St Peter RM # 369SKSTN2834 St Paraskevia Cemetery, Stanley RM # 215ABSTR0504 Fairmount Cemetery, StrathconaSKTEC0276 Boissard Cemetery, Tecumseh RM # 65SKTEC1373 La Salette Cemetery, Tecumseh RM # 65SKTER1734 Mitchellton Cemetery, Terrell RM # 101SKTHR1761 Mount Calvary Lutheran Cemetery, Three Lakes RM # 400SKTOR0502 Corner Lake Cemetery, Torch River RM # 488SKTOR3307 White Fox Cemetery, Torch River RM # 488SKTUL1484 Lipton Hebrew Cemetery, Tullymet RM # 216SKVAN0885 Fron Lutheran Cemetery, Vanscoy RM # 345SKWLP1302 Kelso Cemetery, Walpole RM # 92SKWLP1975 Parkman Cemetery, Walpole RM # 92SKWLP2650 St John's / Riga Cemetery, Walpole RM # 92SKWLP2906 St Peter's Cemetery, Walpole RM # 92SKWLP3249 Walpole Cemetery, Walpole RM # 92SKWLP3420 Zion Cemetery, Walpole RM # 92SKWAW0478 Coghlan Cemetery, Wawken RM # 93SKWAW1690 Crampean Family Cemetery, Wawken RM # 93SKWAW0653 Dumas Cemetery, Wawken RM # 93SKWAW0792 Fernley Cemetery, Wawken RM # 93SKWAW0915 Glen Adelaide Cemetery, Wawken RM # 93SKWAW1105 Highview Cemetery, Wawken RM # 93SKWAW3222 Kennedy Village Cemetery, Wawken RM # 93SKWAW1697 Meridian Cemetery, Wawken RM # 93SKWAW2517 St Ann's Cemetery, Wawken RM # 93SKWAW3274 St Francis Xavier Cemetery, Wawken RM # 93SKWAW3442 Wawota Community Cemetery, Wawken RM # 93SKWIL0733 Emmanuel Lutheran Cemetery, Willner RM # 253SKWLD3436 New Finland New / St John's Lutheran Cemetery, Willowdale RM # 153SKWLD3437 New Finland Old Cemetery, Willowdale RM # 153SKWLD0849 St Matthew's Forrest Farm Cemetery, Willowdale RM # 153SKWRV1677 Melaval Municipal Cemetery, Wood River RM # 74.


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