Light coat colors – Body coat colors of STAR cattle range from white to red. Genetics for grass-fed beef: An added value of Star cattle is that calves are suitable for all natural, grass-finishing operations. Yet another reason is appreciable hybrid vigor for weaning weight due to wide crossbreeding. We invite you to learn more about our services, and to know more about our senepols - which could be the Gouron Creek Senepol has 30 Commercial Senepol Bulls for sale located at Ktherine in the NT. The carcass graded Choice. This type of cross-breeding enables cattle breeders to target a wider range of markets to increase their production options. The adjusted yearling weights of his offspring are phenoninal as well posting results of 864 Lbs making him a leader again in his contemporary group. These animals thrive in the warm summer months and are ideal for the Texas Climate Senepol cattle will not seek the shade, but will continue to graze. We have also been building our Senegus herd since 2013 along with some other composites. This composite was built from the bottom up, which involved the initial crossbreeding of Senepol, Tuli and Red Angus breeds to produce F1 animals. The only stock we have for sale currently are 3 yearling bulls. Planchonella Hill Senepols | "Bim Bimble", 1942 Yallaroi Rd, North Star, NSW 2408 | Ph. Hairy coats, block-shaped and deep bodies with much external fat better insulates the animal. 0429 832228. ... Senepol Bulls For Sale. The ultimate breeding objective for Lukefahr Ranch is as follows: To maintain a breeding herd of polled, slick and light-colored STAR cattle of appropriate tropical genetics for the region where selection is applied to promote high fertility and survival in a low input system while working closely with Nature. Only embryos available. There is also adequate marbling and the tenderness of the meat has been impressive. A DNA test is not necessary to know if a calf is yellow or white colored. This heifer was raised on milk and grass. Below is a photo of a 26 month-old Star heifer that was harvested in August 2020 at a live weight of approximately 950 pounds, and photos of steaks and roasts. This practice also allows, for example, more time for heifers to adopt their dam’s behaviors in selective grazing, gentle dispositions, respect for fences, coming to the manager’s call to rotate pastures. Also included is a photo… Lukefahr is a very critical breeder who is not afraid to cull. Star cows are highly fertile and raise a good calf year after year; they do so efficiently, in part, because of their moderate body size. In 2017, the Mashona breed was introduced to the Star herd to further increase the influence of African genetics and the first calf crop was born in 2018. For the past five years, the average feed cost per cow has been under $10.00. Senepol Females For Sale. Moreover, her appearance exemplifies that she is not extreme in any way. Gouron Creek Senepol has 30 Commercial Senepol Bulls for sale located at Ktherine in the NT. This introduction is being tested. These and other critical traits make cattle more genetically adaptable which allows for high fertility and survival. Our selection criteria has been centered around growth for age, fertility and temperament. To summarize, Lukefahr Ranch breeds adaptable cattle that can be sustained on forage stockpiled between severe droughts with no energy or protein feed supplementation and that will readily rebreed during the peak summer period and make a good profit on a per acre basis. “STAR” composite-bred cattle fit into this adverse environment. Pleasure to work withCarcass quality............................Quality/tenderness exceeds US National averageDisease resistance..............................Less ticks, virtually no pinkeye or cancer eyeUdder Quality................................Udder and teat quality is a priority by breedersMaternal Efficiency..........................Weans off 50% or better of their body weight. Senepols are the ideal 100% tropically adapted Bos Taurus for cross-breeding with British and In one generation of mating a Star bull to large cows (1,500 pounds and heavier), a dramatic downsize to small and more efficient cows is possible. Just enough milk and cow efficiency – In addition, cows are small to moderate in body size (weighing mostly between 1,000 to 1,100 pounds), produce just enough milk, and do not carry excessive flesh or bone. Call us today and ask us about our View and Select When ready to Join Pay and Collect Option For further information regarding Bulls4Sale, please contact Rebecca on. These uniquely bred cattle possess slick hair coats and numerous vertical skin folds, while depositing little fat along the tops of their backs (but more in the abdominal region), among other vital characters that collectively explain why they are often observed grazing in pastures during the heat of the afternoon in summer. (It is common of many African breeds to produce less milk although it is of higher quality). He operates a yearlong grazing management system with minimal inputs which his cattle are well adapted to, as well as being heat and insect resistant” (Burke Teichert, 2020). Copyright � 2014 Jindavick. WC-112 produces calves that have moderate birth weights then grow tremendously to produce high weaning and yearling weights. Call us today and ask us about our View and Select When ready to Join Pay and Collect Option For further information regarding Bulls4Sale, please contact Rebecca on. Angus is the most popular breed in the U.S. beef cattle industry, but red rather than black color is important with regards to heat tolerance, although many other traits besides color make an animal heat tolerant. However, the breeder must be careful when choosing the Senepol breed. Her calves were raised on only milk and grass. Other ancestral lines of mostly European origin did evolve for as long as 500 years in the Caribbean tropical environment, which has many of the same challenges (high heat and humidity levels and an abundance of ticks) as found in Africa. The dam’s maternal line is know for superior milk production and clean/well formed udders and bags. As the adage goes: There is more variation within breeds than among breeds. His sire, WC-260, was one of the best bulls in the Annaly  Farms Herd. These and many other evolutionary-based features (including many traits yet to be discovered) account for her adaptability and the ability to rebreed readily every year without pampering. We produce an animal that has practical fertility that underpins profitability. Recently, he sent me the email message below along with photos. In the following gallery, I have added information on a sample of two of these bulls. Between the Senepol and Tuli breeds there is significant African genetic influence in STAR cattle, which accounts for their high level of fertility and survival, early maturity and(or) genetic adaptability with minimal production inputs. The only stock we have for sale currently are 3 yearling bulls. These bulls are in working condition and have spent 12 months in the … Too, only the most gentle or docile cattle were selected. Senepol birth weights show male calves average a birth weight of 80 lbs and females an average of 75 lbs. Discounts are available: Purchase more than one bull - get 25% off STAR stockers fatten easily on grass. This composite was built from the bottom up, which involved the initial crossbreeding of Senepol, Tuli and Red Angus… Calves with the latter genotype are being selected so that they will later breed true for this critical trait. Each year those few young bulls that are not considered to be of breeding quality have been sold to grass feeders. Lukefahr Ranch (LR) is located in deep south Texas, a region where prolonged extreme to exceptional droughts, brutally hot and humid summers, and relentless external parasites are the norm. Except for 203, she is a granddaughter of LR Tokay (an 16 year-old Star cow). Our bulls have a high libido, are fertile and enthusiastic breeders from an early age. Having appropriate or inappropriate genetics can either make or break your cattle business. Senepol History; Guestbook; What’s Happening !! Also, some cows make too much milk and are too big at maturity which affects efficiency and body condition maintenance. Based in the Townsville area, our bulls are born in this challenging environment and are well-adapted to the changing monsoonal seasons. The slick gene’s role in conferring heat tolerance to both beef and dairy cattle is well appreciated by traditional breeders in Latin America. She has tremendous gut-fill capacity and high nutrient utilization ability that results in ideal body condition (without being fed hay or energy or protein supplements). SCBA leader Trait Leader for birth weight. At present, most STAR bulls and cows are heterozygous for the dominant slick coat gene. The second photo is a snapshot of her lifetime productivity. In addition, with respect to adaptability, the herd has not been treated for years for either external or internal parasites. SCR 3051 produces progeny with adjusted 205 day weaning weights of 610 Lbs and a 1:2 coefficient, making him a leader in his contemporary group.


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