Makeup primers were once positioned simply as a foundation prep step, a way to up the staying power of your base and any other makeup you apply. You can brush and roll or you can spray it on without any major learning curve. JC Licht is the Midwest’s largest dealer of Benjamin Moore, the highest quality paint on the market. The resin type of this primer is an acrylic urethane. B-I-N® Advanced Synthetic Shellac Primer is a synthetic shellac-based primer sealer that provides excellent stain blocking for whole-surface interior priming and exterior spot priming. It is super strong without any prep and ideal for really porous surfaces cause its so thin. JC Licht is the Midwest’s largest dealer of Benjamin Moore, the highest quality paint on the market. With a beautiful matte finish, this zero-VOC paint is engineered with our exclusive Color Lock® technology and stands up to tough cleaning. For exposed wood, chalking or chipped paint, use an oil-based primer. All rights reserved. My question: Can STIX be tinted? Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review. Their paints are embraced and enjoyed by clients who recognize that the true value of a paint is determined by the number of years it will beautify and protect. Aqua Lock Plus is a multipurpose, 100% acrylic, water-based primer/sealer for outstanding everyday stain blocking on a variety of surfaces. I have great success wet sanding stix. I looked on the Ben Moore site, but didn’t find any info about tinting it. Ideal for wallboard or plaster surfaces Perm rating of .5 when tested under ASTM E 96. We also provide custom Hunter Douglas window treatments including horizontal and vertical blinds, wood or metal blinds, roman shades, roller shades, honeycomb cellular shades, and wood, faux, or hybrid plantation shutters. It is not a high hiding primer so if you are expecting a white canvas after priming then I would suggest using BM FreshStart again as a second coat. That means that it is safe to use, even for indoor applications. Limited Edition. It is also versatile, as you can apply it on many types of wood, plus on non-ferrous metals and drywall. Bought last eight gallons they had. Spatter-resistant. $42.00 ($52.00 value) Quick Look. Painted Wood: If paint is in good condition, primer might not be needed. I have listed five quality primers for wood paneling that suit different circumstances so I bet the search is much simpler now. That is why it traverses several projects apart from wood paneling, which includes household and craft projects. Sanded down and went back with old faithful MOORGLO and same problem! Anything you paint over that will most likely fail. Never used Stix primer before but have heard guys talk about it here. Use as a thinner and open time extender for all Benjamin Moore interior or exterior latex paints when application conditions require it. $18.00 - … Performs equally well underneath either Benjamin Moore’s latex or solvent based paints. I hope you already know the type of paint you want to apply on the paneling. Are you planning to paint your wood paneling? 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Ideal for nursing homes, schools, babies’ rooms, healthcare facilities, and hotel/motel industries. This low-odor, latex-based formula resists up to 20 PSI of water pressure when applied to concrete or masonry—indoors or out, above- or below-grade. It is easy to apply and durable, with good coverage. Even if you are applying it in occupied space, you have no reason to worry because first, it is easy to clean with soapy water, and second, there is no VOC solvent. XIM’s Peel Bond is a unique, high build, water-based, penetrating, bonding primer/sealer. Built-in nano and ceramic technologies offer a smooth, hard surface, protecting paint film against mold and mildew growth; impervious, smooth film that is easy to wash, keeping wall surface clean; great burnish and scrub resistance; and excellent touch-up properties. Perhaps the oldest of the three primers, shellac suits indoor jobs perfectly. Seal wood knots with shellac, and so on. Get the 1-gallon can of KILZ Premium High-Hide Stain Blocking Latex Primer/Sealer and you will be able to cover as much 300-400 square feet of interior and/or exterior surface. The improved low VOC acrylic formula offers excellent color and gloss retention, easier application and can be tinted with our patented Gennex® colorant system. The oil particles in the primer discourage bleeding of the red particles found in the wood. A premium quality, quick-drying epoxy-modified acrylic floor enamel. You might have heard the hype about INSL-X Stix bonding primer but is Stix really a good primer?The short answer is Yes! For sure better than 123. Because its proprietary low-odor, low-VOC formula contains antimicrobial additives to inhibit the growth of mold and mildew on the surface, it’s also ideal for healthcare facilities, laboratories and clinics. As long as you have mixed the primer well, it is easy to apply with brush, roller, or even spray. Backed by a 5-year waterproof guarantee, and mold & mildew proof* paint film guarantee, it can be used to stop moisture from entering or exiting a concrete surface. Then the manufacturer will build a product to meet that price point. Even for wood paneling that was previously painted, applying a primer repainting is recommended. Stix is a great bonding primer. The resin type of this primer is an acrylic urethane. Although it is common to let the primer dry for 24 hours, this product dries within 45 minutes, allowing you to cover much ground within a short time. To prevent health complications, consider picking primers with the lowest percentages of these compounds, and this is indicated in ratings. It provides a high film build that sands easily. Use it wherever the wood paneling is located, even high humidity areas like laundry rooms and bathrooms. Stix is a low VOC primer, which levels to a smooth surface and cleans up with soap and water. It’s ideal for drywall, acoustic ceiling tile, masonry surfaces and primed or previously painted plaster, wood or metal. Consult your local J.C. Licht in-store sales associate for expert advice on how to prepare the surface, apply Stix primer and choose the best topcoat for results that meet and exceed your expectations. It is recommended for use on previously painted wallboard, plaster or masonry and is specified for space that is occupied during painting. Our stores are located in and around Chicago, Illinois, and we proudly service the entire Chicagoland area. Prime Lock Plus is a fast-drying alkyd resin coating that primes and seals plaster, wood, drywall, and previously painted or varnished surfaces. I cannot hesitate to recommend this primer for engineered wood paneling. Finishes: Flat, Low Sheen, Eggshell, Semi-Gloss, High-Gloss. Selecting the Right Primer New Wood: For unstained wood, opt for a high-quality latex primer or oil-based primer. If you are using Stix to paint oak kitchen cabinets I would suggest doing a second coat of water-based primer such as Benjamin Moore Fresh start. All rights reserved. Ultra Spec HP Direct to Metal Acrylic Enamels are professional-quality paint designed to provide rust inhibition for superior corrosion control and protection for metal substrates. Eco Spec® WB Interior Latex Primer (N372) does not have the odor of conventional primers which contain ingredients known as VOC’s. Benjamin Moore Muresco Ceiling Paint is a premium acrylic ceiling paint with a luxurious, uniform flat finish. In many cases, you will be amazed at the adhesion that this primer promotes. The sustainable chemistry technology used in Thybony Stockholm Premium Plus Ceiling Paint is a high-performance water-based latex formulated for interior use with no harmful solvents. An acrylic blended latex primer designed for multiple uses. But, with hd you can never be sure that it is the same product that is sold somewhere else. Curb-side pickup and local delivery available. After it is dried, which usually occurs in 16 hours, it becomes a hardened film that can be top-coated with almost any product. But don’t just take our word for it. It is quick drying with the ability to recoat in one hour. Essentially, priming achieves two things: In order to do this, the primer for wood paneling should have a high content of solids and be able to bond strongly. Clean-spraying. I had a kitchen backsplash installed while out of the country, and the color doesn’t match new kitchen quartz countertops. For countering redwood and other woods that release tannins, this type is the real deal. Selecting the Right Primer New Wood: For unstained wood, opt for a high-quality latex primer or oil-based primer. Wash surface with strong detergent. Remove grease and oil with lacquer solvent.


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